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Envy Car Care
19-01-2014, 09:36 PM
Some of you may not be aware that we do our own range of products, so this post is meant as an introduction to what we do NOW. There is more in the pipeline so please watch this space.

Interior: (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=378) £7.99


A delightfully easy to use lemon fresh smelling interior dressing.
Designed to be safe on all interior surfaces (if in doubt as always test on an inconspicuous are 1st).
Simply spray onto a soft microfiber cloth and wipe to both clean and dress your interior surfaces.
Leaves an "as new" clean, matt look. Non-greasy, and not slippery.
Repeat as necessary.

Filler Killer: (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=377) £6.99



Serious about paint correction? Serious about true paint correction?
Use Eraser or similar but want something colour free that smells NICER?!
How can that be possible you say?!
Well launching NOW is Filler Killer, new to Envy and the detailing world as a whole.
Smarter surfactants and at lower concentrations, colour free and smelling amazing.
Filler Killer is the must have solution for those who do true corrections and give genuine results to their customers.

APC: (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=364) £19.99 (5L, 1L (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=363) and 500ml (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=362) also in stock and available)


A super concentrated all purpose cleaner, or APC to those in the trade.
This product can be diluted up to 80:1 and still be effective.
Non caustic (unlike the leading brand G101) and wont make you cough when the wind changes direction!
This product smells pleasantly of bubblegum.

Bubbly Jubbly SSF: (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=188) £18.99 for 5L. 1L (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=361) also available


Envy Valeting's very own take on snow foam.Thick and creamy and used in most of our detailing. Depending on water softness will generally look like shaving foam!
Limit the hands on aspect of your wash regime, and reduce the risk of swirls and scratches. A step in the right direction for a touchless wash.
Wax and LSP safe, biodegradeable as as close to pH neutral as we could manage but with the cleaning power of an alkaline foam.

Please note this is the NEW version and is not re-branded nor made for ANYONE else.

Evolution wheel cleaner: (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=329) £23.99 for 5L, 500ml (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=358) also available


Acid free and highly concentrated, Evolution wheel cleaner offers unbeatable cleaning and can be diluted by as much as 25:1
Contains solvents, foaming agents and iron encapsulation ingredients to make wheel cleaning faster and more effective than before.
Please note this product is not suitable for bare metal alloys, aluminium or polished (un-lacquered) or other delicate finishes.
Totally suitable for most powder coated wheels.
Also contains fallout remover.

NOTE: If in doubt test on an inconspicuous area before application.

Iron Awe: (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=330) 5L for £49.99, note 500ml (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=357) also available


A concentrated pH neutral formula to tackle the problem of metallic fallout for today’s modern motoring.
This rapidly reacting formula gently lifts the bonded contaminants from the vehicles surface (safe for ALL external surfaces) by complex chemistry and has the characteristic colour change to purple giving the effect of bleeding that we all know and love.
Being more concentrated than most, this product has a gel like consistency yet is thin enough to be sprayed effectively by trigger or pump spray equipment. Making it both cost effective and economical.
Use neat generally or can be diluted on vehicles where contamination is less prevalent.

Shampoo: (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=295) £17.99 for 5L. 500ml (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=359) also available


At last, a boutique quality shampoo at trade price and size!
Our pH neutral shampoo is a luxurious and slick affair with a pleasing aroma that won’t destroy your hands (useful for those that spend the day with hands in a bucket!).
It foams up nicely to give a well lubricated feel via mitt or sponge.
Best of all, its LSP safe and ideal for everyday use. Dilution factors of up to 500:1 means you will only need a capful per bucket.

Hopefully this overview is useful to you.

19-01-2014, 09:50 PM
Hi Tim has the shampoo any wax or gloss enhanchers , as looking for a new 5ltr for washing cars coated with ceramic coatings, also the label says 250:1 but info 500:1, thanks Derek

Envy Car Care
19-01-2014, 09:52 PM
Hi Tim has the shampoo any wax or gloss enhanchers , as looking for a new 5ltr for washing cars coated with ceramic coatings thanks DerekHi Derek, no it hasn't. Its just a well (ahem) lubed shampoo thats LSP friendly.

The gloss enhancing shampoo actually IS one of the things in development, not something that I personally am keen on but do keep being asked about.

19-01-2014, 10:11 PM
Smashing products at realistic prices and better than most of the big names http://www.tiptopglobe.com/skin/smile/s12623.gif (http://www.tiptopglobe.com/free-smiles-smileys-emoticons-blog-forum-email)

19-01-2014, 10:17 PM
What is that smell of the shampoo?

I know it but just can't think what it is.

It's a nice thick shampoo, not runny at all.


Envy Car Care
20-01-2014, 09:06 AM
Matthew some people call it cherry, some almonds! Depends on what you're told as to what you think it is.