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03-03-2017, 02:54 PM
Okay I've seen that there has been a bit of confusion regarding becoming a Zymöl Quadra Detailer.

Most the questions is about how do I sign up and how much?

I'm going to try and best clarify as best I can and therefore thought it best to start a new thread.

As always please give us your feedback or if you have any questions let me know.



Zymöl Quadra SuperSealant is currently only available to detailers. We want to ensure that the finish on the cars remain at a very high standard and therefore we require your skills as a professional detailer to polish the car first before applying Quadra!

To become a Quadra detailer the process is simple:

Fill out your details here: https://www.zymolworld.com/login.aspx?email=
We will take a look at your application (Please allow up to 24 hours)
Once processed, you will be a Quadra Approved Detailer and you may purchase Quadra at a wholesale price on zymolworld.com (the wholesale prices are not visible until you are approved, the prices displayed in black are retail prices)

1 bottle of Quadra is enough for one application per car.

As a detailer you can get access to various sized kits:

1) Single application kit

1x Btl of Resolve (pre-cleaner),
1x Btl Quadra SuperSealant,
2 x Microwipes (1Pk)
1 x Quadra Shampoo

2) A Single Four Year Kit

A four year kit is designed as such: you get 4 bottles of Quadra (one for each year). Quadra should be re-applied annually. The 1st bottle you use to apply to the car for your client (you will charge separately for polishing)
The remaining 3 bottles you give to your client to take home
At the end of the 12 months, your client will receive an email from Zymöl that it is time book a service with you again so that you may reapply Quadra again.

The kit contains:

1 foam lined case with 4 x Zymöl Quadra bottles
1 bottle of Quadra Resolve
6 Microwipes (3 pks)

3) Bulk Order or 3 x Four year kit
You get everything that is in A Single Four Year Kit but three time.

We also offer hands on training if necessary, held in Switzerland (at an additional cost).

Important: Each bottle or Kit comes with a serial number that you must register online together with the customers details so that the customer will receive their annual email reminder.

BTW. As an approved Quadra Detailer, you are allowed to sell single bottle kits to your DIY customers if you want. The sale must go through you and you need to register them online.

04-03-2017, 06:24 PM
Thank you for letting us know