View Full Version : Durability of glassur or concours with essence underneath?

30-07-2017, 06:40 PM
So at the moment I'm machine polishing my car with Scholl s20 black, haven't got time to do it all in one session so doing bits at something like 2 panels a time,

I've read that zymol waxes only like hd cleanse to stick to but does hd cleanse fill any scratches?

Was looking after s20 black of finishing off with Carpro essence then topping with either Glassur or Concours.

What would the durability of either wax be if put on top of the essence? Would it be literally weeks or more like months? If it was months then I could top the wax up every 4 weeks or so.

Any thoughts?

30-07-2017, 07:24 PM
HD cleanse is a glaze, so it's laying down a smooth base for the wax on top. Yes it'll fill. No you don't have to use it, but before we were correcting cars, we were glazing them and waxing them. Of course Zymol want you to use it as it makes the wax look better.

I don't think essence and hd cleanse (or any glaze) are compatible; choose one and then wax on top.

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30-07-2017, 07:32 PM
Thanks Tosh, what I meant was if I use only essence then put the wax over the top would it still look good? I.e. Would hd cleanse and the wax look noticeably better?

I've heard some good things about essence but don't know if it's better to use cleanse etc

So so many diff products on the market

If I was to buy some essence, so S20 black > essence > then Glassur would that work or would the wax be failing after just a few weeks as it hasn't "stuck" to the coat underneath, if that's the case then there's not much point in doing it as I would forever be re waxing the car.

30-07-2017, 10:39 PM
I have long been ignoring the only use Zymol waxes over HD cleanse. I have used them over all manner of sealant bases, they never fail to add something appearance wise to the overall look.

As to what they add in way of protection I don't know the answer to that as it is purely for beauty here. But it over a durable sealant base I am happy to let the sealant do the protecting.

31-07-2017, 01:47 AM
Wax over Essence, of course it will look good. If Essence has filled in a lot of the swirls, then it's doing the same kind of job as Hd Cleanse.

Glassur/any wax or LSP can only enhance the surface underneath it, so it's back to 'all in the prep'

Yes it'll stick to the Essence; I think the general opinion is to leave Essence for a few hours before putting anything (sealants) on top. With a wax I don't see why you couldn't apply straight away though.

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01-08-2017, 09:24 PM
I have used HD Cleanse with Concours, found the HD Cleanse very difficult to use and the finish a little lacking! This last time I used AG SRP with AF Ultra Glaze with Atlantique on top, this gave a fantastic finish (best I've had so far) and a lot easier to do. Its been on my garage queen for a few months and has got dirty, washed the car today and the wax is definitely still there and has bonded to the glaze.