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Sapphire or sapphie for short ;)
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Vehicle Name Sapphire or sapphie for short ;)
Year 2011
Make BMW mini
Model factory john copper works
Color Laser blue & black
Packages Chilli,media, soho limited edition dash
History She was destined to b a demo at Cardiff synter mini but thankfully her being one of the last builds b4 Xmas 2011 then with the Xmas & new year festivities thankfully she never started that destined life. The dealer principle & one friend I've found out recently only had her keys prior to me becoming her mum & looked after her over this time & thankfully only but 32 miles on her.

I was looking for a upgrade from my r53 cooper s & always wanted/knew a fjcw would b the only nxt step up for me. An unexpected inheritance meant I could start my hunt for my nxt mini. Probate took forever & after a few initial dissapointingly test drives I was starting to question this until we spotted a laser blue & white fjcw in one of our 'car supermarket' garages. My mum spotted it b4 me, I looked at the age but couldn't see the price so after getting out supplies we had come for we went sussing out. Price was a massive give away this mini had some history or high mileage especially being where it was. Yes it was high mileage as expected but still lets loose on our own but sadly little fuel & a parnoid mother meant no real fun but the little drive I did get showed me the real works & how I invishaged in my head it should have drove but the previous failed test drives were lacking. So this set my search off again & we decided on my next colour choice if I could find it.

A lot of failed searching the tick list that eliminated a hell of a lot of minis out the water I was becoming despondent again.

I was regularly checking everywhere I could think off all local & even further a field dealers had my criteria. But only in the morn

Now sapphie must have been listed after I looked that day

One Saturday morn she appeared on pistonheads she ticked every single criteria but was black roof instead of common white roof. She looked gorguess but the excitement was soon dashed when I saw the price as I had a very strict budget & I knew it was strict as pushed it a couple of times on others so that's was that or was it

Went into town with my mum & she did her usual found your next mini yet like she always did I was like yes & so I told her about her & she was getting excited to but then came the but & I thought that's it but it wasn't a outright no like the others it was an ok let's look at her thank god. So they both looked at her & thank the Lord so ok phone the dealers & find out some more info - GREAT IM THINKING
Hum I get the response the other end - to this day I think they advertised her not expecting to sell. Then my hopes were dashed again as she was on demonstration @ the local rugby ground so couldn't meet her till nxt day.
Dealers was over an hour away so go there earlier than needed & b4 dealers was open. We looked round trying to find her but no where to b seen so we were panicking obviously. Finally found the guy we were meant to see & asked where she was & ow well just get her for you = alarm bells ringing. That was soon forgotten when she arrived & that was it is fallen in love. My folks had as much as they would for a mini Then I was itching to get her keys & test drive. Now all my mini friends said to me you'll know it's the one early on & I didn't have this with my first mini as was once one I'd seen & first one I'd ever test driven & that was it. Put they were right didn't take long b4 I knew she was the one one. Thankfully my folks agreed & that was it my second mini was mine, well almost. Had to wait 3 days which was torture but then she was mine. 3.5yrs on she looks cosmetically very different from purchase but essentially till like new.

3.5yrs on I'm still in as much love with her now & best descion we ever made.
Exterior Full black out
Jcw rear spoiler
Hankook v12's evo 2 non run flat tyres
Full Pani sunroof

Interior Jcw styling
Recaro cs bucket seats
Black jack 'flares'
Piano black interior
Soho limited edition dash

In-CarEntertainment Harmon kardon
Sat nav

Under the Hood As standard +

Itg pro filter

Gtt strut brace

Suspension Factory sports

Wheels and Tires Hankook v12's evo 2's no run flat tyres

Factory fit gloss black r112's

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