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Detailing at Double Speed
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Originally Posted by Welshquattro1 View Post
Strange seeing you buying a wax as you come across as very anti's a nice wax btw
Genuinely curious what has given you that impression?

I'm not anti-wax per se, but I'm well aware that until your car's paintwork is well sorted there's no point getting too bothered about this wax vs that wax. That said, I do enjoy trying LSPs which sit in the "punch well above their price" sweet-spot for one reason or another, either because of looks, ease of use, super durability, interesting chemical or other properties, or my personal favourite, Teh Mad Beedz(TM)

So my little LSP collection consists of:

BH Finis, DSW, Auto Balm - even the Finis only cost me 27 because BH were doing 20% off when they launched their new website back in late 2015
FK 1000P, #2685 - classic FK combo, 1000P doubles up for wheels, 2685 possibly the easiest paste LSP going
Wowos Contact 121 (30 Black Friday special) & Crystal Sealant (wanted to try a "nano" sealant, especially for shuts where self cleaning is especially useful)
Britemax Vantage (25 eBay special)
Auto Glanz Synth Seal (interesting hybrid wax / sealant, tough as hell and cheap as chips, and the only LSP I've used easier to apply and remove than FK #2685)

As you can see, only three sealants (if I include Auto Balm) and Contact 121 is actually the most expensive of all of them at the princely sum of 30! And none of them were chosen for smell

I might be painting myself as some kind of detailing skinflint but I think my power washer setup is over 800 when all the connections, lances, QRs, new hose & reel etc are counted up For me that represents much better value than countless waxes that, in all honesty, I'd struggle to tell apart from one another, especially on paint that would really benefit from some quality time with a DA.

Now back to your regularly scheduled dose of vicarious detailing purchases
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