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Detailing News = Adams Interior Scrubbing mitt

News from Prestige Car Care

Originally Posted by Prestige car care shop View Post
Adam's NEW Interior Scrubbing Mitt

In the rush to clean a dirty interior? Grab a scrubbing mitt for a quick cleaning option.

Made in South Korea

The Perfect Scrubbing Mitt

Machine Washable

Available here -

Looking for the perfect interior cleaning tool? We have you covered! This Interior Scrubbing Mitt was designed to agitate the surface to quickly remove stubborn dirt or stains. Don't worry, we made sure the mitt is powerful enough to scrub, but not hurt your interior surfaces.

Adam's Interior Scrubbing Mitt allows you to place your hand inside and has a divider between your fingers to help secure your hand for optimal scrubbing.
This mitt can be machine washed, or rinsed. Please allow it to air dry, do not machine dry.
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