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Originally Posted by Mcpx View Post
Have you washed the towel yet? It can help to make new towels more effective, use a non bio liquid without any softener in it, fabric softener kills the absorbency of microfibre stone dead. Wash drying towels separate from any others you use and allow to air dry, a short blast in a tumble dryer won’t hurt but avoid too much heat which can distort or melt the fibres. You can get specialist mf cleaners but normal detergent is just as good, I use Boots sensitive skin liquid and it keeps my towels like new.

The effectiveness of a drying towel can also be affected by the surface you are using it on, for example a well polished, decontaminated and protected surface will throw water off easily, whereas a bare rough paint will hang on to it. Try the towel slightly damp, wet it and then wring the hell out of it, and then wring it regularly during use. A QD can help but again, this is influenced by the protection that is already on the paint.
You should never "wring the hell out" of any type of mf cloth be it a drying cloth or any other as this can cause the fibre to break down and be rendered useless. the mf towel should be gently squeezed to get rid of any water etc. Many users of mf towels therefore give a wrong opinion on how good a towel is when in fact its down to user error. there have been posts on dw in the past highlighting this fact.
hope this is of some help
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