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Originally Posted by gaznrx8 View Post
Thanks for your reply
I tried to use the same method as you did in your video and out of the 1L bottle I’ve got half left and that’s with a 1 series Bmw lol so I’ll try and work on a better technique.
Or I could try turning down the lance knob to slow down the output of the snowfoam ?
If you turn down the lance knob you will be drawing less solution from the bottle but the same amount of water will be going through the lance, so you will end up with a weaker product hitting the panel.

The water from your pw does not go into the bottle, it flows over the top of the bottle and as it does so it "sucks" (venture effect) the solution from the bottle, which is then mixed with the water in the gauze. The knob just adjusts how much solution is allowed to flow out of the bottle, not the flow of water through the lance.

Hope that makes sense?
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