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Originally Posted by FRP432
Cool, keep it coming mate as I've got to do the same on 432! I'd love to get all the rear suspension rebuilt too but I need to save more bunce for that!


Will do mate, was going to do more this evening but decieded to watch the Liverpool Game, so livid :cry:

Originally Posted by speedline
Mine has been done with Bilt and Hamber products.
yer been reading up on this today and going to buy the following car care pack BILT-HAMBER WINTER CARE KIT

Ok quick update, after being to the hospital today for my EEG scan it looks as though i wont be able to drive for a year :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: wont know for sure untill the results come back in a couple of weeks so its not looking good

Absoultley gutted as only had my licence back for less than year as i was bannded for 9 months for drink driving ops: ops:

So as i cant use the car for a year :cry: i have decided that i may as well strip the whole under carriage and really go to town, as well as getting the car to concourse condition over the next 350 days.

Will be having to move the car on to the drive for the extra space for the rear beam, fuel tank suspension etc.

So first things first i need a car cover.

I know i said i would rather not use my car during the winter but i didnt mean for an entire year

A very gutted David
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