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Originally Posted by skyegtb View Post
Thanks very much! Yes, there is indeed a lot to it, a lot of panels to prep and a lot of securing pieces etc. Should be nice when painted.

Still undecided on wheels, but plan to refurbish 2 sets of the old genuine Saab 15" sets I have in storage. One of them is the minilite style that were fitted to my 1989 900T8 special edition, and the other set are cross spokes from a 1992 Saab 9000. Both sets need a complete strip and re-paint, but I do have tyres for them now. This work will be done after everything else is completed, and I might even get them done by a specialist as I am not a fan of doing wheels really - far too time consuming to strip them back even with the grit blaster...
Looks amazing as ever

Have you thought about a set of deep dish Aero 3 spokes would look good
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