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Ok, proper update time.

So since I bought the Insignia, I've been itching to get after it properly and see just how good I may (or may not) be with my Flex and how good I can make it look. I've also noticed a few marks/scratches etc which generally detract from what is a well cared for car. The biggest bit though for me was the state of the paintwork. Whilst for a black car it wasnt bad from a swirling point of view, the paintwork felt awful to the touch, making a rasping sound when you moved your hand over it. Not good.

So Saturday it rained pretty much all day. Nothing doing there. Went out, bought a few detailing bits and then got drunk on cider…..

Today was a different story. Awake properly early again (long story about 03:52 am, every day), I managed to go back to sleep and wake up a bit later. Despite the heavy dew and single digit temps, it was shaping up to be a very nice day. Several brews later, I'm outside, washing the car. It was at this point I realised it would it need claying and I had no clay…..quick jaunt to Halfords (yes, I know, I know, but where else will I get clay on a Sunday?!) and I got a Megs clay refill pack.

Back home, I got busy. Decontamination process started with an all over application of Fallout, which I then washed off and repeated. This was then followed by a liberal application of Tardis, also washed off. It was this point I realised something wasn't right. The paintwork was still rough to the touch, despite my best efforts, which I found very odd. If its not tar or metal contamination, then I can only assume it's over spray. I know the car has seen the body shop at least twice so a definite possibility.

Anyways, got busy claying. Not a huge amount coming off the drivers side but I know that's had relatively recent paint so no surprise. Onto the bonnet and it's a different story. This was perhaps the roughest panel to the touch. The clay was noisy and dragging, despite lots and lots of Born Slippy. Upon inspection, there was nothing other than this very light orange tinge…

Possibly bonded metal contamination but I'd have expected a double hit of Fallout to remove that. I've no idea what it is/was but appeared over several more panels on the passenger side too.

Passenger side doors are original paint, bit of tar here but nothing major.

So, this is what I was left with. Not bad from distance…

Not great close up. Alan (my neighbour and previous owner) reckons he drover too close to a bush, causing this scrape. It's down the entire length of the passenger side and I originally thought it a poor attempt at a keying….swirling visible in the second pic with the flash reflection

Couple of car park door dings…

Time to polish. Started with the passenger side as the scrape was bugging me the most. Taped up and after one pass using the Flex with a yellow pad and Menz Power finish…

And then after refining with final finish

Front and rear doors done and a half decent reflection

Rear quarter then done too. Whole side wiped down with Gtechniq Panel wipe and then E Z Creme glaze applied by machine.

Dinner was about ready and the light fading so quickly did the exhaust tip and called it a day.

Thats all I got done today. Achieved I think about 90% correction, if not a little more which I'm very pleased with. Need to see it in direct sunlight though to make sure there are no holograms. Plans are to machine the rest, glaze, then Jetseal 109. Some wax over the top of that should see her good for winter.
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