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Originally Posted by BTS View Post
Car looks great. Good write up too. I picked up mine in Molten Orange as well just before Christmas.

I've got the ram air induction hose and crossover pipe too. Makes some nice noises and seems a bit more free revving.

Collins Performance for me next for stage 2....
What age is yours? Mines just turned one, so not wanting to do a map that would risk voiding any warranty at the moment. Just going to enjoy driving the car pretty much as it is for a while.

Originally Posted by c87reed View Post
They are a brilliant motor, a proper little hot hatch. Best car I have owned by far and I've had mine for 4 years now, and far from bored with it.
Yea my first impressions of it are great. Its completely different from the Clio or the 208. It just begs to be driven hard, plus i'm liking the over boost feature on it when it comes to over taking etc.

Originally Posted by Nick-ST View Post
Lovely car that! Get yourself a mid silencer delete done, will be the best 60 you spend!
Ummm not sure about modding the exhaust, I had done the Clio and it got stupidly loud because I didn't know where to stop lol.

Originally Posted by dchapman88 View Post
Very very nice
Love that colour and it'll be a real beauty when you've given it a good going over

Yea theres a lovely fleck to it, I think it'll really pop in the sun come summer time.

Originally Posted by andyfish View Post
That's brilliant, mate. I've always loved Fiestas - since the original xr2.
It's the first Ford I've owned and I'm liking it. I know the motor magazines etc love them and I can now see why.
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