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My Waxstock Prep - Part 1- Pic Heavy

Some of you may remember my red Jaguar XF Sportbrake at Waxstock last year that I entered in the Top 16 Showdown. My plan was to enter again this year after failing to make the grade last year, so as soon as tickets were released a purchased an entry to the Showdown.

A small change of plan and I sold the car a few weeks after I bought the ticket.

The good knows is that I bought an upgrade in the form of a lovely Ultra Blue Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake For those that don't know, this is the 5.0 V8 Supercharged with 542bhp (550PS in new money )

Here she is as I bought here back in March.

As you can see, she looked really good but there were lots of swirls, RDS, etching and various paint defects, so far from perfect.

So I hatched a plan to start getting her ready for Waxstock. Last year I did everything in the week leading to Waxstock and in all honesty, some of it was a little rushed. This year I've started early, some say too early, but she is my daily driver and I will struggle for time. I also had 10 days off for Easter/My birthday last week so took the opportunity to get the paint sorted.

At this point I spoke with my good mate Rob @ Dooka and asked if he had any free time in his unit and fortunately he had a few days over Easter when he had no cars in. So he very, very kindly allowed me to use his unit whilst he worked on other things.

On Sunday I gave her a good wash and decontamination ready for polishing on Monday. The products I used were;
  • Autoglanz BugOff bug remover
  • Autosmart G101 APC
  • Envy Car Care Bubbly Jubbly snow foam
  • Dooka large & small washpad
  • Farecla G3 Bodywork Detox Shampoo
  • Dooka Wheels wheel shampoo
  • Dooka Bleed fallout remover
  • Autosmart Tardis tar and glue remover
  • CarPro clay towel

And here are the results;

On Monday I drove over to Dooka's and set to work. First stop, another snowfoam and rinse off following the 19 mile drive.

She was then moved inside to dry off and inspection. She was quite swirly and had lots of defects so a two stage correction was decided. Fortunately our friend Craig came along to help as Dooka, being a Waxstock judge, isn't allowed to help me


By Wednesday Lunchtime, she was ready for coating... woweee she is a big car and Craig could only help me on Monday and a few hours Tuesday evening. I've used a rotary once before but that was just a pink to red rejuvenation on my sister's old Vauxhall. I had to get to grips with the Festool RAP 150 having only used my Shinemate EP801 previously. The Festool is a very nice machine indeed. Very smooth and controllable. I was using a green Chemical Guys Hexlogic pad with Scholl Conepts S20 and Craig was using his Flex PE 14-2 with Koch Chemie F5, as he preferred it over the S20. For stage two we went for Gyeon Q2 Primer and a red Hexlogic pad.

We managed to remove 99% of the swirls and rounded of many of the RDS but there are still some defects. Without repainting these will have to stay.

Next I moved onto the coating. I discussed this with Dooka and decided to give Gyeon Q2 Prime a go. I've heard lots of good things about Gyeon products and their Primer was very nice so off I went and by Thursday lunchtime she was fully coated with Q2 Prime. To speed up curing I got the infrared curing lamps out and gave each section 10 minutes under the lamps. Next I needed to choose a top coat. My instant choice was Gyeon Q2 Booster as a natural companion to Prime however when I applied it to the bonnet I wasn't really sure. It flashes off INSTANTLY, which at first was a huge shock but it was OK. The biggest problem was the slickness. According to Gyeon it's supposed to be very slick once applied but I had a hard time telling the sections apart from the uncoated areas as it was almost as grabbing at the Prime coating. Not being confident it was applying correctly, and discussing it with Dooka, I opted to reach for an old favourite, Gtechniq Exo, but this time the new V3 version. This applied much more easily and gave awesome slickness to the paint. Again more speed curing and a second coat of Exo and she was done

Then that was it, she was ready to go!

Unfortunately the weather was overcast on the Friday so not ideal for photos but I did manage to get some on Sunday.

Finally, on Monday, the new Jaguar, XF and R-S badges arrived from the dealer and she was back to normal

And there we have it. Part 1 of my Waxstock preparation complete. Still lots more to do

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