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I accidentally ordered a medium pad instead of finishing so I had a go on the drivers door with Menz 3500 and my white cg quantum. I did 6 passes over a 12x12 to 16x16 area then did IPA wipe down and torch inspection with one of those powerful "cree" torches. I used brand new 370gsm microfibre towels and got good results.

I have sealed with autoallure toughseal (Uk startup company). If the results seem to be permanent (which they should be!) then I will be doing the whole car.

Heres a pic after IPA.

Now one week later, I've washed the car once, and the same issue has presented itself. I have used freshly cleaned wash mitts, 2BM, I used a microfibre waffle weave to blot the car dry and picked up any missed parts with a plush MF drying towel. Not sure how this is possible? Im thinking that based on the direction of the marking, it has to be the washing process but I can really understand how I can prevent it from happening as (in my opinion), my washing technique is definitely acceptable!.

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