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So, the inspection began in a bit more detail for me (first actual day I had the car as spent the first 2 days of ownership in various garages!).

The interior was very good, but the mats needed cleaned, as did the carpets in places with juice stains and all sorts. The boot was a heap, missing clips, filthy, a trim cover missing for the rear light inside, and a few scuffs. It also had a Road Angel fixed to the dash and a magnetic phone holder attached to one of the wooden trim panels. The electric memory seats did not have any function either, although the seats worked fine.

Job 1 - Phoned Lexus Tunbridge (who serviced it from new) and ordered a new service book - they are going to stamp it up and post to Lexus Edinburgh to do their bit cost 20
Job 2 - Ordered a boot liner (Rezaw Plast, Poland - great quality) cost 40
Job 3 - Order a rear bumper protector - this one came from Germany - 50, polished stainless.
Job 4 - Order new number plates (private plate to go on - just waiting for V5C), screws etc - smaller plate for the rear - 30
Job 5 - Buy small cover for under the child seat in the back - 8

Gave the car it quick clean 2BM, removed the phone holder, listed the road angel on eBay and did some parts research.

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