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Update after 11 months, 48 weeks, 333 days, 16 390 miles and 32 washes.

Well, nothing huge after last update, but here`s couple notices.

- It looks like EXOv2, as a stand alone product, has past it`s best days at this test:

- I would say Gloss-Coat isn`t any better:

I have used former version of Gloss-Coat (Opti-Coat 2.0) and because of that, i had high expectations about Gloss-Coat.

(I have read rumours that Optimum has changed formula of Gloss-Coat version 1. Has anyone else read or heard about this or is this just BS?).

- IgreenLover Quartz is still working, but best hydrophobic property is gone:

After last wash, i wiped surfaces with mf-cloth and Cleanser-Fluid, because there still was some evidence of sticked road salt. After that, i used Led Lenser P7 to inspect is there differences between panels scratch/wash marring resistance. IŽll tell you more later, but i can say there really is differences..

Rest of the videos: LINK TO YOUTUBE
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