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Not specifically as it's not a very cold garage anyway.

My basic plans for the garage are:

Refurb OR replace the window
Replace the garage door (possibly higher opening if possible)
Seal up and issues outside the garage (any filling/pointing included) and paint roofline & the roughcast too.

Once the outside is completely watertight, and the inside floor/tanking is completed, I am looking to do the following:

Gyproc the ceiling, with some insulation above it.
Fit new, better lighting.
Sort the electric, multiple sockets and trunked properly (it's RCD's inside the house so ok in that sense).
Sort the plumbing/sink and make that all secure & neat.
On the back wall, I will fit kitchen cabinets along the floor at the wall, a work surface and some wall cabinets too. These will be the main storage.
Bike racks & other higher storage on the walls.
At the entry to the garage will be the rack/tool storage cab with all the car cleaning products and pressure washer etc.


Paint or install garage flooring
The walls - potentially just paint a light colour OR dot/dab Gyproc on the walls, joint fill & paint.

Beyond that, who knows
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