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Progress being made. Garage floor almost finished, a few bits to tidy up, back wall crack sorted & sealed around window too, painted exterior roofline 1 coat after cleaning the roof & guttering last night.

Getting there:

Next steps - sorting the electrics, then getting the walls battened & Gyproc'd (wth insulation), bracketing the roof to the walls (as it has, we have now discovered) nothing except it's weight holding it in place (!!!), and then Gyproc (& insulation) on the roof. Then can begin other jobs - sorting the scrappy window out, changing the garage door, doing a bit more exterior work and then the interior build can begin. Oh, and when asking our builder to check out a wall down the driveway as it has some moss in the roughcast a section falling off, turns out the roughcast is hollow behind & not bonded to the brickwork - so that has to come off and be re-done too!!

Will be a while yet
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