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It's been a frustrating weekend due to the weather but I have managed to get a few things done. Sadly not many pictures as yet, again due to the weather but things are progressing.

I managed to get the whole vehicle washed, foamed and then 2BM with lots of APC and detail brush work. Lots of dirt and grime removed to leave me with clean door shuts etc. My god it's a big thing to wash!

Started cleaning up the scratches and then filling with base colour. Got the whole near side done with one coat in each scratch. It's going to take a long time!

Did some more work on the interior, replaced the old scruffy tax disc holder...

With a nice magnetic Halfords one, sprayed grey to match the dash....

Also removed all the odd stickers on the windscreen, rear door and side windows.

Removed the old mudflap and the remains of the one that had come off and fitted the new LandRover set. Looks a lot nicer now.

Mini service on thursday to include Oil, Air and fuel filters. Noticed I have a couple of oil leaks, rocker cover and sump maybe but will address them in the future.

Weather has stopped play at the moment but will get some pictures done soon.

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