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From the initial photos the car seemed pretty tidy. So I contacted the seller and found out more about the car. Unfortunately this conversation put a real downer on the car. Two problems. The first problem being that the car hadn't been driven properly for a few years and so didn't have an MOT.

At that point I thought maybe this isn't the car, but like any good car guy I had already made my mind up. So I decided I would get the car delivered to me. No problem right?

This is where the second problem comes to play. The car is in Northern Ireland. Again I question whether it's going to be worth the money/effort and again the car guy mentality comes back - I'll make it work.

I contacted a couple of transporting companies and was actually surprised how reasonable the shipping quotes were.

So it was settled, I paid the delivery costs and told the seller that I'd have the car. What I had just done was in foresight, stupid, buying a car in a different country that I hadn't seen.

Anyway I had to wait a couple of weeks for the car to be delivered to me. During that time I done some more research and found common issues etc. I questioned the seller more, he sounded pretty legit, told me I'd have no issues getting an MOT.

Let's fast forward to the day the car arrives. The transporter turned up, I see the car for the first time and immediately think "the car looks a lot rougher than the photos". The guys then starts to unload the car and casually says "This might be difficult, seen as the clutch doesn't work". It's probably at this point I thought, the seller might not have been as legit as I thought.

Enough with the text, here's the car as I got it.

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