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Since we removed everything with safety , next in line was cleaning the bodywork prior to clay and paint correction.

We couldn't wash the car as usual due to the fact that has many wooden panels and secondly because it is a convertible.

This RR has a system that lubricates parts of the chassis and engine, and as a result grease was evident on almost everyevery panel.
During the polishing stage, we re-did the same procedure, as we removed more bits and pieces, and we had to clean the area under after the removal.

We cleaned all panels with APC first and then we re-washed the car using ECO-smart waterless system.
After we were sure all panels were clean we clayed the car.

Clay bar after this unusual washing process:

Some befores on the hood:

Correcting the paint with FG400 and a Hexlogic light cutting pad on the rotary

Some close ups after compounding

We removed safety hatches from the hood.
Cleaned with APC and polished properly with Swissvax Metal Polish

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