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Update - 12/01/2017

So I have had some bits and pieces arrive.

- Forge silicone hose 4mm
- Clamps for 4mm hose
- Iridium spark plugs
- OEM fuel filter & new clamp
- OEM pollen filter
- OEM oil filter & Quantum Platinum 5w-40
- Brake booster pipe on the vacuum system
- Yellow dipstick tube (I now need to order a dipstick to match as mine is orange!)

I'm still waiting on my KillAllWipers acrylic de-wiper to arrive to replace the rubber one that's currently there.

Before I purchased the car, I also flushed out the power steering fluid and filtered through some new green hydraulic fluid. Some of you may of seen this on the passat and the results were the same on both, I will post the pictures I took while in ownership of the passat so you get the idea.

This was a process of syphoning out the reservoir tank, filling up with fresh fluid and letting the engine run for a couple of moments and turning the wheel one turn to the other. The golf took 4 flushes to get a happy ending result.

Also on that note, I done a photoshoot recently and in return I got a set of speakers, they were going to go in the Passat but now these and the adaptors will have a home in the golf. I also have picked up some Silent Coat sound deadening and a roller. Will pick up some Silent Coat for also for behind the door cards.

It's not often I do anything myself on my own car, I help out with my friend who does the majority of my work but that's as far as it gets for me. But today I had some free time at work and I changed the spark plugs myself .

It's a good feeling and I want to get my hands dirty on this car some more.

I know spark plugs are not exciting, but here have some photos.

Hopefully tomorrow, I will get the car on the ramp and get the part number off of the starter motor and get a replacement ordered. Not sure how much longer I can handle the noise on start up haha.

More updates on Saturday anyhow.
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