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Originally Posted by MEH4N View Post
Grant can you do me a favour and PM me the part numbers for all your service bits?

Love the progress so far.
I will get them fired over shortly mate, spark plugs were from Awesome GTI thought but I can give you the part number still, also no air filter as the car came with a Pipercross panel filter.

Originally Posted by joelee View Post
If i was you i would change the oil pickup pipe on that i have had 4 of them and i had one block on me and it went bang google is your friend with this
That's on the to do list

Originally Posted by SimTaylor View Post
I love that last photo of the spark in your hand.
Ha thanks man!

Originally Posted by JR1982 View Post
Where are you getting your genuine parts from bud?
Originally Posted by Disco Smudge View Post
He has mentioned TPS a few times so probably there
Originally Posted by JR1982 View Post
I'm guessing that's just like euro car parts? Not sure if I've got one of them nearby
Originally Posted by kentphil View Post
Trade Parts Specialists (TPS) are the trade parts arm of the Volkswagen Audi Group.
Correct. As mentioned from TPS. Have a look here -

You can find your local branch on there, most cases if you pop in they will serve you over the counter even if you are not trade, but some places are a bit stricter. Luckily for me I can order through work and get it delivered
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