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An interview with Exotic Detail

Name: Exotic Detail
Tel Contact: 07753246963
Area: Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

My name is Simon, I am 22 and the owner of Exotic Detail.

What else can I tell you about me?

I’m a total car nut! I have no idea where it came from, or what event inspired such an infatuation. But I’ve met (and continue to meet) some fantastic people because of it.

How did you ‘get into’ detailing?

I was studying business at college while working for a local Limousine company cleaning the fleet on weekends. I then started looking further into car cleaning and ‘correct methods’. As you can imagine this opened up a new world of carnauba, wash mitts and two buckets! During my second year at college I started detailing at weekends, and finally went full time once I’d finished.

How long have you been detailing at ‘this’ level?

The business was officially set up in June 2007, so getting on for 4years now! But as we all know detailing is a moving target and if your not going forwards, you’re going backwards in this business. That’s why I think competition is healthy, it forces us all to step up and go beyond.

How did you learn to machine polish?

Mark (aka Mucky) gave me a quick demo on his kitchen work surface, handed me his spare machine polisher and sent me on my way. I must have clocked up around 100hours practice in a week, this continued for the next 6months.

Mark was a monumental help when I first starting, one of those rare individuals that will help and guide no matter what. Thanks mate!

How many cars have detailed over the years?

Not as many as others I expect, maybe around 400??

Tell me about your first detail

One of my first Paint Correction details was a Ferrari 360 Modena, Rosso Corsa, Nero Interior. Was a great opportunity at such an early stage in the business, and it was the first moment I thought “I’m officially a detailer”.

What do you drive and how often is it detailed?

I drive a 2003 Hyundai Coupe S, which doesn’t get detailed as much as I’d like. The interior is done once a week, as dust drives me crazy! As for the exterior it’s hard to find time now the business is growing and expanding.

What is your favourite car to detail and why?

I presume it would be the Lamborghini Gallardo, although I’ve never done one. I’ve detailed its big brother, the Murcielago, yet the Gallardo escapes me every time. This aside my favourite car to detail at the moment is the Porsche Boxster (and not just because I want one) as it covers all the bases. No big roof to machine, the wheels come up fantastic on the new ones and good quality German paint.

Do you prefer to detail a Supercar or everyday car?

It’s a tough one. I always say every car is the same to a detailer, as we spend all day so close to the paint you don’t get time to take in the whole car. This aside it has to be Supercars!

What piece of detailing kit do you think every detailer should have in their arsenal? (excluding the obvious stuff like wash mitts etc.)

One of the only products I’ve used from the start, and continue to use is AutoSmart Reglaze. It’s a fantastic QD that works on everything and lasts a lifetime! I always say the sign of a good product is when it runs out, you rush out and replace it.

Apart from Reglaze one of the other things I always keep in my kit is cotton buds!

What are your current favourite brands and why?

Like most detailers I have my associations, (who I’d like to thanks for their continued support) but one of my favourite brands right now is Aquartz. Iron Cut, ReLoad

What do you do when you’re not detailing?

I normally head to the local skate park. I’ve always loved skateboarding as a way of relaxing. There’s a real sense of achievement that I just can’t find in anything else. On a beautiful summer’s day with all your friends, doesn’t get much better.

A few quick fire questions

Ferrari or Lambo?


Wax or Sealent?


Fish and chips or bangers and mash?

Fish and Chips

McDonald's or Burger King?

Isn’t that stuff bad for you?

Coffee or Tea?

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