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Originally Posted by MrRJ View Post
I have only a little experience with Sonax PF (similar to 0406 I understand) and my paint is admittedly soft, but from what I've read it can give excellent results on hard paints if the correct pad is chosen. The finish is exceptional, too.

I believe it's rated at 4/5 cut and 5/5 finish. Might be worth a whirl.

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I believe you are referring to Sonax PF 05/05? If so, then this has a cut and gloss of 5/6. Trouble is I have not seem any reviews on this product and also not many retailers sell it.

Originally Posted by great gonzo View Post
Can't beat a 2 or even 3 stage polish there's just not a magical product that can heavily cut and finish perfectly, I've had some success with S20 black but it still leaves lots of the deeper marks in paint but does finish well. Still a great product for a single stage polish tho.

Thats what my worry about S20 is, it wont remove the deeper marks.

Originally Posted by chongo View Post
Is this on your own car or other people's cars? plus if it's yours then what colour is it as sometimes on light silver or white paint you can finish nearly LSP ready with Menzerna 400 depending on what cutting pad you choose, but why the hurry and why would you want to skip on the refining stage.
It is for my own cars. They are all different colours - silver, light blue, grey, etc.

In the past I have always done the two step. But like I said, some products like Menzerna refine to a high gloss anyway. It has 8/10 for gloss. Sonax PF 05/05 has 5/6 for gloss.

Will I notice much from refining further?
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