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Brand New Car


Due to take delivery of a new car next week (White Renault Clio 220 Trophy, black gloss alloys)

Iíve asked the dealer not to wash the car, and was just hoping for a bit of advice on what process I should take just to get the best of the limited stuff Iíve got to hand

Other than wash mitt etc Iíve got:

Bilt hamber AutoGlym
Bilt hamber AutoWash
HDD fallout remover gel
G3 clay mitt
Poorboys nattys paste wax (white)
Poorboys Diamond White (glaze?)
Poorboys Black Hole (glaze?)
AutoGlym SRP & AutoGlym EGP
Fusso light

I was thinking snow foam, 2 bucket wash, fallout remover, clay mitt, then not sure for protection?

Thanks guys
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