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Originally Posted by James_R View Post

Get the car cleaned to start with and before using any compound or polish try a bit of heat with a heat gun, or as I use, the mrs's hairdryer.

You would be amazed at what bird etchings will come out without even touching the paintwork.

Hairdryer method.
Heat the area up gently with the nozzle a couple of inches above the paint.
Build heat for 15-20 seconds, inspect difference.

If not much change, without getting the panel too hot, try above process again.
Let it cool back down gradually though, and don't rush to cool it with a damp cloth or anything, and certainly don't apply any polish while its still hot.

Between heat sessions, just give the area a light wipe with a soft MF cloth.

I've got a black MINI and the mrs used to park it under the trees in summer at work.
This method works, you wouldn't believe it.

Although I have success, some of the older etches are more difficult to get out, and I sometimes resort to a bit of polish then.

This is interesting - and much safer! I think I will have to try this [emoji1303][emoji1303] do you know how or why it works?
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