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After a few hours with some large spanners and long breaker-bars I had the grotty looking rear subframe and trailing arms off:


Trailing arm:

This then allowed me to poke and scrape at the areas of corrosion on the chassis:

Bottom of the spare wheel well not looking good after a poke around:

All the pop-stud holes in the inner arches had caused a lot of corrosion so I set about cutting out a few bits to see just how bad they are:

My original thoughts of merely treating a few areas of surface corrosion went out the window at this point as clearly some welding would be required. I spent a few days in two-minds about whether to ditch the project as 'too far gone' or not but the present Mrs jas_racing convinced me to stick with it. Whilst I can weld odd patches in some of the stuff pictured above is a bit too much for me to tackle so I decided to tackle what I could and leave the rest to a pro to do at some point down the line.
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