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Originally Posted by Christian6984 View Post
Hi, Im must say its a big improvement from the photos, Vauxhall Red Paint has a bit of a
reputation for fading.

1. when i googled 'Moss Polisher' I got up two types there's a cheap type that you would get from the likes of Halfords but on their website show's they also do a Rotary. Im guessing when you said it vibrated its the orbital. First time i used a rotary i certainly found it get a little harder to control than the DA's i was used to in the beginning. Do you have a picture or a link to even one on google to show which it is?

2. G3 will be up to the job of cutting the dead oxidised layer off to reveal a better finish, after that id switch to something to feed the paint such as an oil rich polish. When your removing compound or polish its easier to do it with a microfibre and by hand rather than a separate pad in my opinion unless the pads are really quick to change. found some info from post number 8 in this post

Sealant or wax wise its a bit of a personal preference.

3. With Scholl S20 you can vary the level of cut with the pad you use so if you had a selection of cutting/polishing/finishing it would let you step upward threw the pads if your not getting the results you want.

Thanks Christian.

Its this one here:

Not sure if its a Rotary or DA.
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