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After viewing this thread, having a good mate who used to run a LR repair shop and owning many LR products myself, I'm constantly amazed at how much rot the things develop! You'd have thought somebody within the organisation must have thought to themselves "maybe we should do a bit better with our corrosion resistance". Whilst the birmabright (and later, a cheaper and inferior alloy) make them look good on the surface, anything with a ferrous nature seems to be in a hurry to turn brown and flaky!! I gave up with rotting chassis, bulkheads, door frames etc. long ago and switched to Toyota. My Land Cruiser is over 10 years old and doesn't have one rust patch on it anywhere. The fact that the transmission, diffs and steering balls don't suffer from oily incontinence is an added bonus!! Having said that, you have a very nice Disco so hopefully it behaves itself.
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