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Best Sealant/Wax for brand new car?

Hi, I'm a new member to this forum but have been reading threads on here for a while now.

I am picking up a new 1 series in Mineral Grey Metallic tomorrow. My question is what would be the best sealant or wax or both to go for on a car of this colour and on a new car with no scratches/swirls. I know there are plenty of great waxes and sealants from loads of companies out their but this is just a general guide line and push in the right direction.

Products I am looking at as of now are GTechniq c2v3, Collinite 845, Soft99 Fusso and Mezerna Power Lock.

Really I am looking for a good balance of gloss and durability. I can always use a detailing spray to add extra gloss afterwards.

Any suggestions from your experiences would be great!

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