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I have just washed 6 Older Microfibers that are a variety of GSM,Coulor,and qualityl,my best worst ones if you like. 2 drying towels also that i bought when Adam was a lad,Yellow ones,,,,,,,,,yellow ish these days.I use these on my wheels when i dry them and skirts.These drying towels and microfibers are not filthy,but after a snow,wash,and rinse.I use them to dry the cars parts nearest to high contamination areas.I look after them,but They are one step from being used as engine bay fodder or oil spill kit almost,good rags.
Just washed them on a 60 degree wash,1200 spin for an hour.Two and a half caps of the Boots detergent.Thought a test on these would be a good idea.
Results are just As Rian said,as good as anything i have used if not better.Came out looking great.
I cant find anything about softners and i also noticed they do a seperate softner in the range to add to wash.
Phosfate free,perfume and enzyne free,suitable for babies laundry,sensative skin,dry skin,Eczema.
Very Happy with results on the stuff i have washed.May even promote some to Interior they look so much better.

BB,Cheers again Rian for posting.
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