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Sapphire Black 320d

For a weekly / fortnightly wash,
I foam with Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam (Got mine from Slims but widely available)
Jet wash off
two bucket wash with Simoniz Wash And Carnauba Wax (Costco 7 ish, 5 litre) Wash buckets EPC <7 on an offer, pic shows black buckets but they send yellow Meguires buckets with logo

Dry with Martin Cox microfiber drying towel (Slims 6) using Carplan No1 Super Gloss as a drying aid (8 Wilkos / Sainsbury / ECP)

Occasional clay - Bilt Hamber clay with shampoo mix in wash bucket for lube 10-12 200g bar.
or Farcala G3 mitt 12 - I like to use both, mitt for most of the car and clay for heavier contamination

LSP - Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax - 17 inc applicator & microfiber

Tar remover, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner - all Simonize from Tesco on half price offer 2.50 each

Microfibre cloths 36 for 14 Costco

Paint correction - DAS 6 Pro - Meguires Ultimate Compound - CG Hexlogic pads

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