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Black is a hobby not a colour

Get the basics right and go from there. Two bucket wash and use a separate mitt for the wheels. Invest in a good quality MF drying towel too.

I find Bilt Hamber's products to be excellent, and the best value for money in the market.

My weekly routine is:

Snow foam with BH Auto Foam
2BM with BH Auto Wash
Dry with Microfibre Madness Dry Me Crazy
Top up with BH Auto QD

Prep is everything, there is no substitution for clean, de-contaminated paint. I de-con with CarPro Tar-X, Iron-X (or BH Kerrosol) and BH clay.

My current LSP is Soft 99 Fusso. I've used many, many types of LSPs and I find Fusso excellent (and cheap!). Here's my steed after her weekly wash:

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