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Depends on the level of finish you're after. For instance, if you get yourself some Hydrate 80 from Bilt Hamber, you can use that to "passivate" the rust on the door edges, then you can touch it in in the usual fashion. Arguably worth rubbing it down first with some fine abrasive (2000, 2500 grit) to give the paint a key to adhere to, then wipe it down with some panel wipe to ensure grease free (you can substitute lighter fuel in a pinch).

For the wheel arch damage, I'd just use something like Bilt Hamber Dynax UC to smother the rust until you can get it to a pro to repair the panel properly.

For the first picture, you could mask off the damage, lightly rub down with 2500 grit, wipe down and then touch in with colour and then clear. Then use a block to sand flat, compound and polish.

It's a metallic paint so the match may not be perfect, but it's the only option short of either a smart repair (no idea how feasible) or a full repaint of that panel.

If you're concerned about depths of clear coat left, you could grab some Glare polishes and fill rather than cut back (it's not filling like a glaze, it's a semi-permanent filling).
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