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Detailingworld™ Lite Review - Clobberizer Deodoriser

Firstly thanks go to Clobberizer for the Vehicle Deodoriser and to my local garage SWR for providing a test car to review this on.

This will be a Lite review as it's impossible to take a before and after picture when it's purely smell related.

About Clobberizer:
AB Scientific supply cutting edge technology to the pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic market in the UK and Ireland from leading manufacturers across the world. Occasionally a product used by one of these industries lends itself to the domestic market and Clobberizer is one of these such products. Clobberizer was developed and is manufactured by a US company called Selective Micro Technologies. We are proud that AB Scientific are now able to offer special versions of this product to the domestic market within Europe.

The Product:

The products arrived well packed and with very detailed and clear instructions/information printed on multiple pages of A4

What Clobberizer Says?
Clobberizer is truly the ultimate vehicle and room deodorisation product.

Harnessing the unique power and properties of chlorine dioxide there is finally a product on the market that will actually destroy odours and not just mask them with some cheap perfume that wears off after a few days only for the smell to return.

Whether you have a smelly car, mildew odours in your caravan, or the smell of a weeks worth of fried breakfasts in your motor home. Clobberizer is guaranteed to do the trick and let you breathe easily once again.

Clobberizer isn't limited to vehicles either; it will work perfectly well in rooms too. Maybe the room where the dog sleeps is a bit smelly, or you've had a smoker stay in a hotel room. Clobberizer will solve your problems."

Chlorine dioxide has been recognised for decades as a superior broad-spectrum biocide that is effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and spores. Municipal water systems have used chlorine dioxide for over fifty years to treat drinking water.

Chlorine dioxide is not chlorine, sodium hypochlorite or bleach. Unlike these compounds, chlorine dioxide is not a chlorinating agent and does not form chlorinated dangerous organic by-products.

Chlorine dioxide is a highly efficient biocide and is arguably the most versatile, material compatible, user and environmentally product available.

“Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide that can kill fungus, bacteria and viruses at levels of 0.1 to 1 part per million in contact times of a few minutes.”
— Annual Research Report, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, 1996

Chlorine dioxide also has a unique quality in that it is an excellent deodoriser. It does not mask smells but it actually oxidises them and removes them permanently.

Before Selective Micro Technologies developed their patented micro-reactor technology it was not possible to use Chlorine dioxide without expensive generation equipment. Chlorine dioxide is destroyed by UV light and cannot be pressurised which makes long term storage impossible.

Their unique product offers ultra-pure chlorine dioxide at the point of use without the need for any equipment or chemical mixing. Simply add the patented micro reactor to water and walk away.

The Use:
The products would be tested on two vehicles, the first (and worst) being a car which has sat outside for weeks, and truly stank of damp:

Following the instructions the Chlorine dioxide generator was placed in the container and water was added to the fill line, it was then placed in the test car:

I have to say that I was expect a tonne of smoke to billow from the container and was slightly disappointed when nothing seemed to happen, so the car door was shut and I went back inside.

After an hour I went back out to see how it was getting on:

All I could really smell was the Chlorine in the car, and the water had changed colour, I'll let you decide what it resembles....

After 3.5 hours I went back out and removed the container from the car:

The only thing I could smell was the Chlorine again, so I closed the door and went back in to test the spray.

Filling the bottle to the fill line I placed the top on the bottle and let it mix prior to use:

I gave the interior of the van a good spray and left to dwell:

As mentioned at the start there is no before and after pictures as the car and van were still a state, the only difference being is that none of them stank, they both smelled of nothing, which is hard to put into words for a review, but there was no real smell from either vehicle.

The Vehicle deodoriser is priced at £19.99 and available from Clobberizer

Would I use this again?
Honestly I'd have to say no - let me expand. Yes it worked really well, however there are a few things for me that stand out. Firstly my cars are never in the condition that this product would be necessary. Secondly the good lady was less than keen to have this product in the house with our daughter running about which is understandable as there is no safety lid on the bottle.

Cossie's verdict?:
A good product for removing ingrained smells, easy to use and little or no mess other than the liquid.

Anything I would change?:
I would like to see a child-proof lid on the bottle for peace of mind.

Thanks for reading, as usual if you have any questions feel free to ask.



"DW has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

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