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Detailingworld™ Review - Feck's Philosophy Professor Plush


This is the final review in my 3 part series of reviews for Markus over at Feck’s Philosophy. As always thanks very much for sending out these detailing accessories and for offering me the opportunity to test these products out.
If you wish to know any more on the brand simply follow the link to the company website:

The final item I have here for review is the extremely dense 'Professor Plush’ premium drying towel. This is Feck’s more expensive offering for drying your car and sits above the H20 deluxe drying towel in the brand range.

The Product

Like the rest of the range tested thus far, the Professor Plush comes sealed within a clear, plastic bag with the smart looking company logo on display. This paper includes directions for use and how to properly maintain the towel.

The specs of the Professor Plush are listed below:

- 50 x 80cm in size.
- 80/20 blend of Polyester and Polyamide.
- A high density 1200 GSM (Grams per square meter).
- Very high pile, more so than the H2O resulting in an extremely soft towel.
- Double layered with suede bordering.

This is slightly narrower by 10cm but substantially wider at 20cm than the H2O. The longer width of this towel is a major plus for drying larger, flat panels such as the roof, windscreen and bonnet. It does require folding over a few times for drying the lower sections of the car as to avoid dragging it on the ground.

The 1200 GSM is up there with anything on the market as far as I am aware. What makes the Professor Plush towel different is how it achieves its high GSM figure. Competitors seem to get their high GSM from densely packing the fibres together in a shorter pile length. The Professor Plush instead offers a substantially longer microfiber nap that isn’t quite as bunched together. This results in a towel that feels extremely plush, fluffy and ridiculously soft to the touch, more so than anything I have come across before. Essentially this should provide much more cushioning, offering an incredibly safe drying method.

Now given the length of the pile fibres I automatically assumed linting would occur. Surprisingly when removing it from the packaging, I found that there was no loose fibres whatsoever which silenced the sceptism in me. I have came across drying towels of this nature before and found them to lint badly, the lack of linting here suggests this towel is of a very high quality. The feel of the pile and quality of the stitching of the border would certainly suggest this.

The Method

As with any towel, be it a drying or buffing towel you should always wash it before use. This was stuck in a delicates wash (30 degrees) then given a spin to aid drying. It weighed a tonne even after the spin, showcasing it's absorbency even before use. This was popped in the dryer at a low heat for 30 mins before being hung in the drying cupboard overnight to dry completely.

The next day my car was given the usual maintenance wash so wheels cleaned, PW rinse, snow foam, rinse and 2BM hand wash (with the Mohican). This left the car panels clean and ready to be dried. Like with the H2O, I left standing water on the panels to better gauge the absorption of the Professor Plush.

Firstly the towel was laid down flat on the drivers side of the bonnet. It was large enough to cover half of my bonnet.

This was then dragged down the bonnet with absolutely no pressure at all other than the weight of the towel. Using it you really could feel just how slick and smoothly this passed over the paintwork.

1 single pass left that section of the bonnet completely dry with very little streaks left behind at all. Impressive given the fairly cold day it was.

The passenger side was then given the same treatment so again the towel was laid at the top of the panel and patted flat.

Before being dragged down the bonnet with no pressure.

In less than 20 seconds the bonnet was completely dry and from only two light passes of the towel. The absorbency was extremely impressive but it was the feel of using the towel that impressed me most. There is just something about the lack of drag with this towel, it gives you confidence that you are not causing any sort of marring on the paintwork due to the slick feel.

Next up was the roof and this time I recorded a little video to show it in action. Even being dragged along the roof awkwardly with one arm it didn't fail to soak up every drop of water.

Finally to complete the test it was time to try it on glass. Thus far there has been absolutely no linting on the car at all. These plush towels usually get found out on glass though that can be a bit more grabby when drying. There was plenty of water left intentionally on the windscreen to try catching the Professor Plush out.

Again I decided to record this one. The towel was placed at the top of the windscreen and dragged down the glass.

You can see in this video that the Professor Plush certainly isn't as smooth to pass over the glass. I suspect this would have been much easier with the use of both hands but it certainly felt a bit more grabby on glass. Regardless the towel still performed perfectly, it soaked up every ounce of water and upon closely inspecting the glass found I no traces of detached fibres from the towel.


The Feck's Philosophy Professor Plush drying is slightly more expensive than the H2O Deluxe at £12.99 and can be purchased directly here:

Discount code 'FPcrew15' adds an additional 15% discount to that £12.99 before P&P.

Would I use it again?

Like the H2O I have used this several times since this review. My opinion of it hasn't changed in the slightest. For the money you will do well to find a towel that feels this plush and soft on the paintwork.


I really liked the H2O Deluxe. For the price it is a bargain but I absolutely love the Professor Plush. I think the extra few £££ is well worth paying over the H2O. The thick, plush towels are my favourite type of drying towel and this ticks all the boxes for me personally with regards to that.

It has an unmatched pile length offering an extremely safe method of drying the car. Coupled with the high GSM this creates a super soft towel which eclipses everything else in that respect. The usual drawback of this type of towel is the excessive linting. Somehow this has been overcome with the Professor Plush so for me I see absolutely no negatives in using this towel.

If like me you prefer a plush towel then I don't see how anyone in the market for such a towel can be disappointed with the Professor Plush. It's a cracking towel and for me personally, it is the best towel I have came across so far and the first one I will grab from now on.

Thanks for reading!

DW has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test.
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