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Detailingworld™ Review - Autoglanz Trade TFR

Detailingworld™ Review - Autoglanz Trade TFR

1st up thank you to Joe for sending me out some of the new Trade TFR to try, for those of you who are not aware of the brand and the wide range of products please have a look here for further information:

The new Trade range from Autoglanz is specifically aimed at the pro or the home user who goes through alot of chemicals and are looking for a good value product.

Autoglanz say:

Take a peek at our large range of car valeting products, designed & developed by Autoglanz to help you get the most bang for you buck when carrying out those every day valets. All the car valeting products listed in this category still carry the same level of quality as found in our premium range of detailing products. We simply produce this range in a way that allows us to pass the savings on to you, the end user. We have TFR, shampoo, glass cleaner, trim dressings and even a dedicated 'stronger' wheel cleaner for those suborn day to day jobs. Why not give our car valeting products a try, they are priced to make your job cheaper and easier to complete.

Everyone likes a good value product and honestly what we really want is something to 'Just work' and in reality we can go without the flashy packaging and labels as long as the product does 'what it says on the tin' (or bottle in this case).

The Product:

The TFR came packaged in one of the Autoglanz pro bottles which are made of HDPE rather than PET, the label on the bottle contained all the relevant information and I think looked pretty smart without all the usual frills and flashy bits on.

The actual TFR was a deep red in colour and had a pleasant fruity smell to it.

Autoglanz say:

A premium yet cost effective traffic film remover specifically designed for high volume use where price needs to be matched with performance.

For cars, light commercial, trucks, engines, chassis, wheels and other exterior vehicle surfaces
Use with hot or cold pressure washer systems or pre wash hand pump sprayers
High foaming detergent, rich formula
Easily breaks down road grime, bug splatter, heavy oils, grease and more

Directions for use:
Apply via hot or cold pressure washer system or hand pump sprayer.
Allow to soak for a few moments and agitate if desired.
Swill with fresh, clean water via low pressure washer.

Diluted to 1-2% via wash systems or between 250:1 & 50:1 for pump sprayer depending on level of soiling. Do not use neat.

TFR's have a bit of a reputation for be really harsh and caustic and sometimes you get the image of a TFR stripping your lovely wax coating off your car in one application. Now yes if you are an idiot and ignore the recommended usage instructions and whack it on neat then let it dry in the sun for an hour you are going to have problems but if you follow the dilution rates and are careful these can be an effective and cost effective prewash. The fact is that wax is pretty hard stuff, it takes alot to remove it but each time you subject you car to any sort of chemicals and yes i do mean even the safest shampoos you do degrade it a little but having said that you will be doing more damage to it by driving through a city center in the rain.

Ok so we know that it shifts muck and chods and is cost effective and as we all need to use a prewash in our wash routines we need a good one so lets see what the Autoglanz trade range has to offer.

The Method:

Today I wanted to give the Mini a quick wash and in all honesty is wasnt too bad which makes a change

Obviously the starting point was to get all the gear ready for the wash so I got it on my head to test the TFR in 2 ways, as the description says you can use it through a PW lance as well as a pump sprayer so why not try both on one go.

Now I will admit to having been playing with the TFR at various dilutions since I received it so today I was going to try going for extremes of dilutions to see just how far the product can be pushed so bear with me whilst I run through it.....

The instructions state that through a pressure washer that the TFR can be used at a 1-2% ratio so 75ml was added to the lance bottle and topped up to 750ml with water like a normal snow foam.

The other end of the scale says that you can use the TFR at up to 250-1 ratio through a pump sprayer so in this case 10ml was mixed with just under 2ltrs of water giving a nearly 250-1 ratio. Honestly I didn't think this would have any effect as it seemed to diluted to me but it bubbled up well when filling the sprayer with water and the smell was still present so it must be in there.

1st things 1st I needed to see the state of play so using a damp 'make up' style applicator was pressed against the paint , top picture is on the drivers side rear quarter panel and the bottom picture is the passengers side rear quarter panel.

The drivers side panel was treated to the pump sprayer treatment, not too much to say about application really it was sprayed on, no bubbles to speak of but you could see where you had been (it was very much like applying any other prewash)

The passsengers side was treated to the Pressure washer lance with TFR in, now this went on more like a snow foam (not a thick one but a snow foam none the less). Yet again exactly what you would expect although I have got so say it smelt better on this side of the car.

Obviously you can see the differences in the consistency between the 2 halves of the car and I am afraid to say there was a bit of overlap splatter but managed to do a pretty good job I reckon

The car was then left for a 10 minute dwell time which in hindsight might have been a touch too long in direct sunlight as the drivers side was drying way too quickly and I ended up with some dried on spots which I was initially a bit concerned about but the passengers side with was applied with the snow foam lance didn't seem to dry up at all.

The car was then pressure washed off starting with the worrying passengers side but I am pleased to report that the dried on bits were rinsed off with no issues.

And I will say that the LSP which was on the car was untouched as the beading and sheeting properties remained.

Obviously the next step was to test how well the TFR had cleaned so a 'make up' style pad was pressed onto the body work on a similar area as the 1st check was taken, as before the top picture was the drivers side rear quarter panel and the bottom picture is the passengers side rear quarter panel.

I have to admit to being a little taken back with the lack of difference especially considering the vast difference in dilution rates of the product.

The car was then washed using a 2 bucket method and dried, the trims and tyres dressed and the paint treated to a QD wipeover and was looking pretty good.

So all in all a pleasing wash and Mrs P was happy with her motor looking clean


Now this is where things get interesting..... Ł8.76 for 5ltrs and is available from here:

Now that is outstanding value, so assuming you use it through your lance at the same dilution I did a 5ltr container would yield 66 applications, if you used it through a pump sprayer at 10ml each time you would get 500 applications (I will add the caveat that you will probably not be able to use it at the higher ratios on really dirty cars but even if you went for 50ml in a pump sprayer you are still looking at 100 washes)

So a quick bit of maths reveals that using 75ml at a time would cost you 13p per wash.

Would I use it again?:

At these prices why not and if I am honest this might well be my prewash of choice come the winter time


If you are in the market for a new prewash and want a product that represents astounding value for money then the Autoglanz TFR might be the one for you and at 13p per wash it really is a no brainer and if you stick with the recommended dilution ratios its a safe method to prewash your car.

Thanks for reading

"DW has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

Thanks for reading
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