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Detailingworld™ Review - Adams Wash & Wax

Detailingworld™ Review - Adams Wash & Wax

1st up again thanks to Jeff at Prestige Car Care shop for sending me a few things to have a look at and report back on.

As you might be aware the Adams brand of car cleaning kit comes from the good old USA, if you would like to know more information on the Adams brand have a look here: and to buy here in the UK have a look here:

A good shampoo is a vital part of our cleaning kit and can often make the difference between and average wash and a great wash so its one of the items that should be chosen carefully to make sure it works with your water and your own conditions.

There are a few of things you should be looking for in a shampoo so make sure you tick the following boxes when making your choice:

1) Cleaning power (most modern shampoos perform well in this dept)
2) Lubricity (A well lubricated shampoo minimises the risk of marring and scratching)
3) Smell (A pleasant smell is always nice to work with)
4) Suds (although not essential and some shampoos have very few its a good help to be able to see where you have been).

So lets see if Adams Wash & Wax ticks the right boxes...

The Product:

The product arrived in a good quality 500ml (or 16oz) bottle with a rather natty pull up dispenser cap, the usual Adams livery adroned the bottle with all the pertinent information required on the label.

The actual shampoo is orange in colour and a gloopy consistency and it smells really nice (sorry about this but I struggled a bit to place the scent but its pleasant).

Adams say:

Adam’s Wash & Wax is a concentrated, high performance, pH neutral soap blend that lubricates, shines, and protects as you wash. Our formula prevents spotting and enhances wax or sealant protection in between full details. Use with Adam’s Foam Cannon or Adam’s Foam Gun for best results.

• High suds formula safely removes dirt and other contaminants
• Special polymers add a just-waxed, high gloss finish
• Does not strip any other Adam’s wax or sealant products
• Rinses clean without streaks

All sound great to me and as it was a warm day touching 20deg its going to be nice to see if it really does rinse well.

The Method:

Mrs P's Cooper was in need of a good wash, it had been neglected for a few weeks and as you all know it gets proper dirty so it was no suprise to see it like this...


1st step was to give it a snow foam prewash to soften the worst of the dirt and remove as much as possible before actually touching the car.

Whilst the snow foam was dwelling the wash buckets were prepared, the wash bucket was filled to the 15ltr mark with warm water. Adams suggest a dose of 1-2oz's which is anywhere from 30-60ml so I decided to go for the lowest suggested dose of 30ml, this was added to the bucket then agitated with the pressure washer lance to create and suddsy explosion which soon went out of control and all over the path.

I opted to use my Adams wash pad for this wash which is a excellent bit of kit and has served me well, this was dipped into the wash bucket to soak up a good amount of the shampoo solution then applied to the panel starting on the roof.

Absolutely zero problems with lubricity here as the wash mitt was moved around the panel with ease, I would go as far as to say that it was possibly one of the most well lubricated shampoos I have come across.

The sud transfer to panel was just about right, leaving enough to see where you had been yet not too much to be annoying.

The car was then rinsed leaving a nice clean finish, you could almost see the water moving off the surface as it was rinsed and drying almost straight away in the sun...

This was a bit of a concern because of the potential for water spotting on a black car.

It was pretty cool to see panels starting to dry them selves leaving a minimal amount of water spots (I did find a few going round the car later but not many at all).

The car was properly dried using a drying towel and felt pretty slick

So all in all a very pleasant experience


I make a habit of not checking the prices of products until this point in the review and was a little suprised to see Wash & Wax priced at Ł14.99 for 500ml (or 16oz) and can be brought here:

A 500ml bottle would yield 17 washes at 88p per wash which pust it right near the top of the shampoo price bracket.

Would I use it again?:

Possibly not due to the high cost alone.


Adams Wash & Wax is really lovely shampoo to use, remember the boxes in the opening statement which needed ticking this ticks all of them and adds the ability to be used in direct sunlight with ease. As for the 'wax' part of the product I struggled to see that it added anything to a well prepped car but might behave differently on a car with no protection.

So in summary, great shampoo, great results but let down by cost, normally I would not compare 2 products in a review but in this case I thinks its ok.... From a personal point of view I would be choosing Adams Car wash shampoo which is as gooder product 1/3rd cheaper and smells nicer to boot.

If you brought this shampoo you would not be disappointed its just jolly expensive for what it is.

"DW has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

Thanks for reading
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