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Detailingworld™ Review - Sam's Detailing 3 in 1 Polish, Wax & Polish Applicators

Hi all. Firstly, a very quick mention of thanks to the guys at Sam’s Detailing for sending out their 3 in 1 Polish, a Wax Applicator and a Polishing Sponge for a Detailing World Review. The ‘kit’ arrived about two weeks ago, but sadly the weather just wasn’t playing ball!
To start with, Sam’s Detailing is new to Detailing world – have a look at their website
There’s a very interesting time line, showing how the company was formed; the motivation being as number of comments from Sam’s friend’s about his nice clean car -
There is a comprehensive range of products available from Sam’s Detailing; snow foam, shampoo, fallout remover etc that you’d expect to see, however, my review today is about Sam’s 3 in 1 polish, available at
I’ll admit to being quite excited about this particular brand, purely because the promotional images, packaging and marketing are all visually stunning.
The product was tested on my 2004 Ford Focus, which I’ll fully admit to being in much need of some tlc.

The Product
When the box arrived, I was really impressed with what was inside – not only the bottle of 3 in 1 polish

But also an air freshener, a mirror hanger, 3 Sam’s detailing decals, a Wax Applicator, and a Polishing Sponge.

A very nice touch!

The bottle of 3 in 1 polish is consistent with all of Sam’s Detailing branding, with a completely black bottle, and black label with clear white writing.
The product itself is a really nice bright blue green colour, with a really pleasant bubblegum scent. It’s a thick liquid consistency, so controlling the amount being dispensed through the press-to-pop-open lid is an easy process.

There are very clear application instructions on the bottle’s label along with some appropriate warnings. One thing I noticed was, on the label, the instructions referred to ‘Glaze.’ Now, Sam’s Detailing has a separate product called Glaze, which, unsurprisingly is a glaze. I’m not sure if this is a printing error, and consequently I’m not sure if the instructions for use would be the same for the 3 in 1 Polish.

The Wax Applicator and Polishing Sponge also arrived in Sam’s distinctive packaging, with clear usage instructions.

The Wax Applicator and Polishing Sponge feel very well made, and are very comfortable to hold, fitting nicely into the heart of my hand. The Polishing Sponge is made of a firmer foam than the Wax Applicator, which makes perfect sense I suppose.

The red, Wax Applicator.

The Manufacturer says:
3 in 1 Polish -
A 3 steps in one polish that will remove light oxidisation, fill in minor imperfections and leave some protection down all done in one go!
An all in one product
Bubblegum scented
Contains mild abrasives, minor fillers and a sealant
Removes oxidisation
Fills minor imperfections
Leaves down a layer of protection good for 2 months

Sam’s Method - Ensure the surface is completely free of any contaminants.
Using one of our Polish Applicators apply the product to the pad and work onto the paintwork in straight lines.

Continue working into the paintwork until a see through film is left. Then simply buff off with one of our premium microfibres.

There’s an embedded youtube video of the 3 in 1 polish being applied on the bonet of a black Porsche 911.

Wax Applicator -
Sam says - Our premium applicator that can be used with any sealants, glazes or waxes.
Apply your chosen product to the applicator pad and simply work it onto the bodywork in straight lines. Our applicators are all machine washable and easily reusable!

Polishing Sponge -
Sam says - Our firm handled polishing sponge designed to work with any hand polish to remove minor paintwork blemishes and oxidisation.
Apply your chosen product to the polishing sponge and simply work it onto the bodywork in straight lines. Our applicators are all machine washable and easily reusable!

The Method
This is where things got a wee bit confusing.
As I wrote above, the bottle gave a series of instructions for applying ‘Glaze’ and instructed the user to apply using a Wax Applicator. The website, however, tells the user to apply using a Polishing Sponge. In fairness I think it’s simply a printing error on the label.

So, working on, I decided to apply Sam’s 3 in 1 Polish using both the Wax Applicator and the Polishing Sponge, to see if I was able to notice any discernible difference. 3 pea-sized blobs applied to each pad.

On the Polishing Sponge -

On the Wax Applicator -

This was worked into the panels as instructed.

And a plush microfibre was then used to buff the product to a shine. This needed several attempts if I’m honest, as the product left a very slightly oily residue on the panel. I went back and had a look at the website, specifically the youtube video on the product page, and I noticed the same effect on the lower section of the bonnet in the video at around the 22 second mark.

While there was some darkening of the paintwork, the difference for me was marginal.

The B pillar on the right was polished, the left untreated.

The side of the car finished.

Now, I’ll admit that the car is in great need of a machine polish. It’s my work car, and I have decided not to touch it to be able to have a reasonable test-bed for product reviews. Perhaps the defects were too deep for the 3 in 1 polish to really show its mettle. It definitely looks well, and while there is some improvement, I don’t think the difference between the polished and unpolished sections on this particular car is in any way significant. In fairness, it’s probably more because of the car than the product.

With regard to protection, Sam’s Detailing 3 in 1 Polish definitely left a layer of protection, showing some good beading. I took a video, but can’t upload it through imgur for some reason. Sozz guys.

Wax Applicator vs Polishing Sponge.
I’ve never used any kind of puck for applying product, but after using these I’m definitely a convert. It made applying and working the product into the paintwork an absolte doddle, and not the knuckle buster it usually is.

With regard to the density of the pads, the Polishing Sponge is definitely more suited to this polish. The softer Wax Applicator would be a delight to use with a soft wax.

Sam’s Detailing 3 in 1 Polish is available at for £10.50 for a 500ml bottle.
The Wax Applicator is available at - for £5.00
The Polishing Sponge is available at - for £5.00
Sam’s Detailing, when I added the 3 in 1 polish to my cart, added local postage at £3.60 to the order, which is a reasonable charge for postage. It was also very nice to see that delivery to Northern Ireland didn’t increase that amount.

Would I use it again?
On my Ford Focus, or a car with significant defects or really poor paintwork, probably not, as it would need something with a bit more bite. On a dark coloured car with wash marring or very minor defects, I more than likely would.
With regard to the Wax Applicator and Polishing Sponge, I most definitely will use these again. I have been definitely converted.

As my little work hack has fairly bad paint defects, and takes a fair amount of abuse on a daily basis, I think this product didn’t really make much of an impact. I would imagine, however, that this product would work well as part of a maintenance regime on a car with very light paintwork defects, in between machining.

The Wax Applicator and Polishing Sponge are brilliant. Simple.

Thanks for reading, peeps,
"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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