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Detailingworld™ Review - Alien Magic - Argon - Nano & Carnauba Spray Wax

Hi guys,
I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to Alien Magic for sending out their Argon, Nano & Carnauba Spray Wax for this review. See

They have a very comprehensive selection of products on their website, including a ‘Pro Series’ selection of coatings and sealants. If you register on the site, Alien Magic will give you 10% off your first order.

Alien Magic is a relatively new company, formed in 2016. Their beginnings revolve around the owner being somewhat disappointed with how similar detailing products of different brands can be, so he set out to make his own, high quality products.

Have a read at

Hopefully Argon lives up to my expectations!

So, I snow foamed and washed my 2004 Ford Focus to ensure the car was nice and clean to prepare for using Alien Magic Argon.

The Product
When Argon arrived, I was actually quite impressed with the colourful branding.

The product supplied was a 250ml version of Argon, in a clear PET bottle with a spray head included in the box.

The product itself is a really nice bright purple colour, with a really pleasant berry scent. It’s a thin liquid consistency, which allows the product to be sprayed finely onto the panel through the supplied spray head.

There are very clear application instructions on the label, along with some background information relating to the product ingredients.

The bottle says:-

Shake well before use. Mist spray Argon onto a folded professional microfiber [SIC] cloth and onto the surface area. Gently wipe the product onto the surface with a pre-wetted folded professional microfibre cloth. Using a second clean folded Super Plush microfibre cloth, quickly, buff off the remaining residue to impart a deep gloss wax protected shine. Repeat process until the whole vehicle is waxed and Nano protected.

The Manufacturer says:

From -

Why Argon?

Argon is the perfect detailing spray wax for any painted, plastic, metal, chrome, glass or vinyl surface of your vehicle. We designed this as an easy to apply wax in liquid form with its primary job to protect surfaces. This is no traditional wax by any means, it contains many other ingredients including Nano Particles which not only protect, creates a strong hydrophobic barrier against liquid but also creates stand alone, deep gloss shine amazingly well. Now as a spray wax that's the best you would expect to get from a product of this type but its truth magic is it’s spectacular ability to extend the protection against the elements, increase the hydrophobic barrier against liquids and enhance the deep gloss shine of any LSP (last stage protection) that is already applied.

Argon is a water-based, environmentally friendly formula which contains no harsh abrasives or chemicals. Unique formula contains an advanced blend of surfactants, polymers, Carnauba and the latest Nano technology which produces an ultra slick surface that dirt, grime, road debris and water simply slide off from. Argon can be used as a LSP or as an enhancer on top of waxes, sealants and coating, the unique formula cures quickly upon contact with the surface ready to buff off with a plush towel. The formula will provide 6-10 weeks protection, water beading and high gloss used with all Alien Magic maintenance wash products, applied after every maintenance wash it will continue providing protection, beading and shine and greatly reduce maintenance wash times.

Enhances all colours
Creates a deep high gloss shine effortlesly
Single application provides the key benefits for 6-10 weeks
Will enhance any LSP for a deeper shine, water beading and protection
Nano-silver particles for ultra high gloss shine
Advanced formula spray wax
Fast curing times
UV protections
Fresh Berry scent
Car Care Advice

Spray wax is an easy to use alternative to soft, medium and hard waxes which are time consuming to apply. Following the main shampoo wash stage, clay bar if necessary and any paint correction that may be needed wax is your LSP (last stage protection) which is essential to protecting the paintwork from the elements as well as providing a supreme high gloss shine.

Direction For Use:
Wash and dry the car thoroughly
Assess the paintwork for any correction steps that may be needed
Shake spray bottle well before use
Mist Argon onto a folded MF towel and onto the surface
Using gentle pressure wipe the product into the surface with the MF
Using a clean plush MF towel buff off the residue

The Method

Having digested the info on the Alien Magic website, and in particular the Argon page, I followed the instructions to the letter.

First, Argon was applied to a plush microfibre and misted onto the panel.

It was gently spread across the panel, and another plush microfibre used to buff to a shine.

One thing I noticed while buffing off Argon, was that it was slightly gritty or grabby on the panel initially, but continue buffing and the panel became very smooth. I’ve experienced this texturing issue with other ‘nano’ products, so I assume it’s a characteristic of the ingredients. It also left a slight haze on the panel, which required me to use a number of fresh microfibres.
I continued working down the entire side of the car, making sure the glass and textured black plastic side mouldings were treated as well.

The result was an excellent degree of gloss on the black paintwork.

Argon added a significant amount of protection to the panel, as can be seen from the running water test.

And the finished article….


Alien Magic Argon Nano & Carnauba Spray Wax is available to purchase directly from Alien Magic at

Prices, are as follows:-

250ml as tested - £8.99 (£35.96 per litre)
500ml - £12.99 (£25.98 per litre)
1 litre - £16.99 (£16.99 per litre)
5 litres - £44.99 (£8.99 per litre)

Obviously, the more you buy, the more cost effective it is. The 5 litre container works out at around a quarter of the price of the 250ml.

Alien Magic currently also provides free standard 2-3 day UK shipping on all orders, with next-day delivery available for £6, if ordered before 12 noon. See for further detail.

Would I use it again?

Yes. I really liked Argon.


Alien Magic Argon really impressed me. It can be applied to the whole car, glass too, although I tend never to apply anything other than dedicated glass products to the windscreen.

The only down side for me was the slight grittiness during application and buffing, but this quickly dissipated.

Argon laid down an excellent layer of protection, and added a significant amount of gloss to the paintwork. It was slightly hazy when applied to glass, but a clean, fresh microfibre soon sorted that quickly.

Does it stand out from the crowd, as I originally anticipated?

Having used a huge number of spray waxes and detailer sprays, I can’t say that it offers anything really unique. However, it is a very effective product, that I genuinely liked.

Thanks for taking the time to read, peeps.


"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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