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Originally Posted by GleemSpray View Post
How long do you find a bottle of BSD lasts ?

I know its a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question, but roughly how many cars from a bottle ?

The bottle i just bought has only gone down a millimetre or two after coating two cars, so i expect it will last me a good long time.
Originally Posted by shine247 View Post
That must be the most appropriate question you could ask me today of all days. That is because today I had my first empty bottle of bsd and thought I have actually got an empty bottle of something for once. But I cheated because the 160ml I had I mixed with another product due to liking the result. I can say BSD goes a heck of a long way as you have found. I only mixed it to improve the other product really but they complimented each other and the mix is my favourite.
I have used a tiny bit of BSD and gone through a bottle of EZ Gloss Boss (mainly on wife's car). I got a free replacement for the Gloss Boss as it had dye separation issues but I have been amazed by BSD.

It is very thick compared to other QDs so a few spritzes are all it takes to do a medium sized car.
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shine247 (08-03-2017)
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Originally Posted by cargainz View Post
ECP have sales on all the time but if you need BSD get it. It will usually work out 50% of the price of a regular QD as most of them are priced around £15.

Your math is still wrong as you are not factoring in any discount code and free delivery

From ECP
Using code weekend30
£7.69 for a 750ml bottle
Don't forgot Quidco For ECP in general.
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cargainz (07-03-2017)
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Originally Posted by GleemSpray View Post
First play with Sonax BSD today.

The car was a daily driver and no time for a proper deep-clean, but it was pre-washed with Surfex, then 2BM with G3 BodyPrep shampoo, so it came up reasonably clean.

I used the BSD as a drying aid, the same way I usually use AG AquaWax. So I (gently and carefully) removed about half of the final rinse water using an AG Flexi Water blade on the flat panels, then gave one spray of BSD per door and 2 each for bonnet and roof, working it in and around using a damp MF cloth.

I understand what people say about BSD being “grabby” as it is a slightly heavier, more viscous liquid than a spray wax, but it just required a little more pushing round the paintwork. Very little in the way of buffing required and the paint feels smooth to the touch afterwards.

Of the other products that I can compare it to, the overall effect is more glassy and shiny than AG Aquawax, but I think AquaWax gives a lovely soft wax glow and a slightly better look overall. I guess it would depend on the paint colour. From what I have read, I expect that BSD will last much longer than the 1-2 weeks of beading and shine you typically get from Aquawax.

BSD gives a similar level of paintwork gloss to AG Topaz, but seems to work less well on rubber and trim, which is darkened and glossed nicely by Topaz . Topaz would typically last around a month or so in use.

I haven’t used much in the way of other, proper, QD’s, although I have the Autoglym Rapid Detailer and the PowerMaxed Quick Detailer. I did intend trying to mix BSD with other QD’s and Aquawax as others have done, but I was honestly surprised how easy it was to use straight out of the bottle after all the reports of grabbiness I have read.

This afternoon, I got to wash and BSD my own car and it went on quick and easily again. BSD really looks good on metallic silver.

I’m impressed !!
Nearly a week later and the car has been through some torrential rain at times, yet it looks surprisingly clean and its still beading just as strongly as day one. The wheels seem to be staying cleaner for having BSD on them too.

The car is still showing a very high level of gloss too. It actually stands out, as it did when i used AS Topaz over all surfaces. I am a bit undecided as to whether it hides or highlights imperfections - need some more sunny days !!

If BSD really does last for a couple of months, as others have suggested, then it really is something very special, given the low price and absolute ease of use.

I could compare it to AG EGP, in terms of looks and low price, but it is much easier to use as it dries instantly and can be used on trim. Works quite well on window rubbers, giving a slightly darkening silk finish, but it doesn't seem to properly revive faded plastics as well as specialist trim dressings do.

I will have to try BSD over the top of a trim dressing and see if that works.

As far as the title of this thread goes - BSD is very, very impressive and might well fit the bill for some people for year round use, but like all sealants, it doesn't seem to give the warm deep glow of a decent wax.

I do absolutely think BSD is going to be in my arsenal for quick turnarounds on rels shopping trollys tho and i want to try it over the top of SRP.
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Sonax BSD is on offer in ECP with code PAT55 come in at 7.99 a bottle
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