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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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Sponge Jockey
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1986 205 CTI Restoration

I thought it was about time I shared with the world my little 205 CTI.

I purchased this car in September 2017, I had been searching for a little 205 for a year or so, but never found one local, and nearly all of them needed a lot of work. (that also turned out to be the case with the one i've bought!)

With GTI prices sky rocketing, I decided to go for a slightly cheaper but just as good alternative, a little CTI. The market for these is very hit and miss, not many around, and not many good examples. I found this 1986 Space Grey Phase 1 205 around 2 hours away.

Chap had owned it for 2 years, driven it a handful of times and kept it in a large empty unit of which he had free use of due to being the site maintenance man of a large industrial estate. The bonus of this is that the car had been dry stored for the last 2 years of its life.

I initially walked away from the car due to it needing paintwork, engine work and interior work, however the 2 hour car journey home soon let me change my mind, I later called him with an offer, to which he accepted.

Add photos:

Collection day:

And soon it was next to my restored MK1 VTS: (which I have since regrettable sold on)

First job was to go through all the paperwork and date organise it and file it correctly, there was plenty to get through!

The original dealer 'stag hill' had done a lot of the servicing on the vehicle in its early life.

Next I moved onto giving the old girl a good check over, carried out a full service, replaced the timing belt and waterpump, radiator, thermostat and replaced all the cooling hoses with some replacement hoses from BakerBM.

As you can see in this image, the coolant consisted of nothing but K seal, something that later down the line came back to haunt me... more on that later.

Timing belt covers where all broken and in need of replacement!

Good second hand upper covers where sourced, and a modified re-made lower metal cover was purchased. (plastic lower cover is prone to breaking)

Whilst waiting on new parts, I sourced the correct 1.6 phase 1 pepperpot alloys and had them powdercoated and new Pirelli P1s put on.

With the engine service all complete, I installed the new wheels and assessed the bodywork.

Bodywork is not to bad, unfortunately someone had decided to paint the trims black whilst leaving them on the car! they where kind enough to mask with 2 inch masking tape next to the trim but nothing else!! Which resulted in a ********** line of overspray, all around the car. Shocking.

On the plus side, the engine bay was looking good with a new battery, powdercoated airbox and correct period jack all installed.

Interior condition is not horrendous, however some of the dash plastic trim is broken and needs replacing, which is incredibly hard to source!

A few weeks later... replacement matts, correct phillips headunit and a bit of TLC.

I moved onto the bodywork issues, a few weekends work with the polish and tar remover saw the bodywork back to life. The NSR quarter will require paint though.

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Sponge Jockey
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As mentioned above, I was lucky enough to know where my 205 was originally sold. ‘Stag Hill Peugeot’. I got in contact with Dave at DMB Graphics and luckily he had the dealer logo on file, so he made me up some original dealer plates and sticker set!

Also had the spare wheel, cage and bolt powdercoated, and of course a new tyre to match the rest!

At this point I was happy enough with the car to take it for its first drive out! Just one little job left to do, change the inlet manifold gasket! Quickly removed the inlet and uncovered this....

Unfortunately this is known as chemical metal, and has been used to cover a crack in the engine block, this goes back to the K seal I found in the cooling system, I suspect that was used to aid sealing up the crack!

I could not drive the car now knowing it’s there... which meant sourcing a replacement engine, any replacement engine I purchased would be at least 30 years old and require a rebuild, this is a massive turning point for the car as initially I was restoring this car to just a useable standard, however now it will undergo a full engine rebuild and front end restoration...
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OCD Sufferer (Obsessive Car Detailer)
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Wow. Cant wait for updates buddy.
Dont see many of these around any more.
Least you know the engine will be perfect when rebuilt.
Subscribed for updates.

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PC Perfectionist
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Good effort so far. It always the way with old cars, the more you dig the more horrors appear. Looking forward to updates.
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Great thread. I've gone all wistful.

When I were a lad of 17/18, my best mate acquired a 205 GTI - it went like the clappers! I've very fond memories of teenage hoonage! It took him a while to realise that he'd become the designated driver and I was the one with a skinful every weekend night

Nowadays, of course, most 17 year olds wouldn't get within sniffing distance of the insurance for one of those.

Lovely little cars.

I'll enjoy reading this thread.

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Old 17-02-2018, 11:28 PM   #6
Sponge Jockey
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So with the unwelcome news the engine block was cracked, I picked myself up and sourced a replacement engine. The next weekend I found myself on a little road trip down to Somerset to pick up an engine from a fellow enthusiast.

Whilst I was there I decided to buy a few other parts from the chap, and fully built front CTI subframe so I can strip, powdercoat and rebuild that and install it when I replace the engine.

The replacement engine had 97k on it, although it makes no sense to put it in like that, so began stripping both the engine and subframe right down. The engine will be fully rebuilt and aqua blasted, and the front subframe rebuilt and powdercoated.

First things first the subframe got torn apart:

Next was onto the engine:

With the engine stripped right down, I gathered up the aluminium parts and de-greased them ready for aqua blasting.

All the bits ready to be powdercoated:

Boot all loaded up (only benefit of driving a insignia, the boot is huge!)

Crank will be going to be checked sometime next week, hoping it will only need a polish, the bottom end shells seemed to be in good condition.

Parts for front subframe rebuild are building up.

The chap at the powdercoaters was kind enough to show me a quick sample of the aqua blasting process on my rocker cover, results look very promising!!

More updates next week hopefully!

Thanks for reading!
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I thought you had been quiet recently! Fair amount of work there jiginigings and it's seems to be paying off.
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Love these threads. Subscribed
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There are loads of great resto threads kicking about on here at the minute, sub’d!
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Really great to see somebody restoring one of these and I particularly approve of the back to OEM approach with the wheels and so on. Such a shame about the original engine - any idea how the block came to be like that?
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