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Nanolex Si3D BC


Id like to get some more info on SI3D base coat please.
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It looks like a base coat for Si3D HD

But yes, would like to hear it from the horses mouth...

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I do apologize for the late answer, I'm on a small tour in Poland at the moment and it took me a while to get the official description done.

But here is the official description for Si3D BC:

By using our expertise, development techniques and innovative raw materials, Nanolex Car Care expands its unmatched and uncompromised protection system with a new coating; the Nanolex Si3D BC.

This semi-hydrophobic coating incorporates all the benefits that come along with today's glass coatings, but adding to their performance and durability with its key feature; the flexibility. The Si3D BC coating is highly suited to layering, therefore delivering an outstanding finish.

Hard, amorphous but flexible layers combined with crosslinked, balanced straight-chain structures simultaneously provide both the desired flexibility and improved bonding power.

Contrary to conventional, silane-based coatings, where volatility decreases the crystal formation during the conversion, Nanolex Si3D BC’s sophisticated formulation delivers solid, strong and extremely dense glass layers which even increase during the curing time.

The used carriers for the glass and ceramic precursors are safe, non-aggressive, slow-evaporating solvents, guaranteeing compatibility with freshly painted cars and sensitive paints, alongside simple, unproblematic application of the product.

Product features:

- Exceptionally hard and scratch-resistant, flexible coating
- Outstanding durability of 3-5 years
- Improved substrate bonding
- Trouble-free application
- Highly compatible with Si3D and Si3D HD as a top coat

This will be available in 30ml and 50ml sizes

The more unofficial non marketing stuff from my point of view:

Si3D BC was developed to basically act like a primer or a basecoat underneath Si3D and Si3D HD. It's meant to make the application on extremely soft, repainted, singlestage and otherwise troublesome paints a lot easier.

Even though Si3D BC does work as a standalone coating as well, it is not really that hydrophobic. It's definitely not a beader, more like a sheeter. So I would always recommend to top it with Si3D to get the hydrophobicity, color boosting and shine of Si3D.
BC does not affect the lifespan of Si3D and Si3D HD negatively. The testing still under way on if it will increase the lifespan noticeably, but it definitely will not make them last any less

BC is physically even stronger and chemically even more resistant than Si3D and Si3D HD, yet being as flexible as anything at the same time. You can BC on all the surfaces you would use Si3D for as well so painted parts, unpainted plastics and all sorts of bare metal surfaces as well.

Application is very easy as well. You can apply BC just like Si3D, meaning keep spreading the coating on an area until it is completely clear and there is nothing visible on the surface.
On the other hand, those pesky problematic surfaces really would benefit from the least amount of touch as possible, so you can also apply BC a little bit more thick of a layer, spreading it just a few times and leaving it be for the solvents to evaporate. Once it looks almost dry, almost all of the spreading marks have gone down and the solvents have evaporated, just gently wipe it a microfiber towel and it will be completely clear. This way you are wiping the surface the least amount as possible with both the applicator and the microfiber towel, reducing the risk of causing marring.
Once the BC is a little bit cured, meaning at least 1 hour, the layer is already so hard that you can top it off with a layer of Si3D with ease.
I would suggest two layers of BC for maximum benefit on all surfaces. Just remember to let both layers cure for an hour before the next layer or Si3D.

Consumption wise, you should be seeing along the same lines as Si3D. So a 30ml bottle should do a hatchback or a normal sized sedan, 50ml for estates and SUVs' and such.

Shipping of Si3D BC to importers should start next week so it should be available for purchase really soon

Of course I am happy to answer any questions anyone might have

- Pete
Tech Support
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Have you received more user experiences with this regarding durability of the products with or without BC?

What about Si3D HD, does it really last 50tkm or 3 years?

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