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Durability test with coatings

Without any backgrounds, i just want to share my real life durability test (in Finland) with couple different coatings.

So, test object is my Volvo S40 1.6D.
Before it was possible to apply any LSP`s, the car needed prep to get beneficial base for coatings.


Pre-wash with VPNSF. Didn`t release dirt very well? Road salt is real problem here in Finland, because it sticks paint and might be hard to remove with wax safe products.

So, next step was degreaser, shampoo wash, tar remover, fallout remover and Sonax clay disc:

Car was really bad condition, so i needed to try bring some gloss back.

Before Bigfoot session, i ripped emblems off. After that i started to polish car with Bigfoot LHR 15ES, LHR 75E mini. I used Buff&Shine MF cutting pads and Rupes own pads with Scholl S3G. Here is some pics after cutting session:

Same place after 2-3 cutting passes. Still deep scratches:

After polishing, there still was deep scratches so i had to wetsand a bit for get those nasty marks less noticeable and polish again.


I finished car with Bigfoot, yellow rupes pads and Scholl S30 (sorry, no pics).
After that i washed car with degreaser and dried with MF towel and compressed air. Then i taped test panels and let the car dry one our.
Finally before coatings, i wiped car with Bilt-Hamber Cleanser-Fluid.

I didn`t get prime quality because time was running out, but i got some gloss back to car and what`s more important, there was better base for coatings.

Start date 21.2.2016.


Horizontal panels (hood, roof and tailgate):

1. Gyeon Mohs (3 layers) + Booster + Cure
2. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light + EXOv2
3. Wolf`s Chemicals Nano Polish + Nano Glaze + Mystery Juice
4. Sonax Nano Guard + Polymer Net Shield
5. CarPro Essence + CQuartz UK + Reload
6. Bilt-Hamber Finis-Wax
7. Gyeon Prime (2 layers) + Cure
8. Gyeon Mohs (3 layers) +Cure
9. CarPro CQuartz + Reload
10. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light
11. Gtechniq EXOv2
12. Wolf`s Chemicals Mystery Juice
13. Nanolex Si3D (2 layers)
14. Sonax Nano Guard
15. Optimum Gloss-Coat
16. IgreenLover Quartz (2 layers)

Vertical panels (Wings and doors):

Left side:

1. Gyeon Prime + Booster + Cure
2. Gyeon Prime + Cure
3. CarPro CQuartz + Reload
4. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light
5. Gtechniq EXOv2
6. Wolf`s Chemicals Mystery Juice

Right side:

7. Nanolex Si3D (2 layers)
8. Sonax Nano Guard
9. Optimum Gloss-Coat
10. IgreenLover (2 layers)
11. Gyeon Mohs (3 layers) + Cure
12. Bilt-Hamber Finis-Wax

Start date: 21.02.2016 0 km (0 miles)

Wash 1. 02.03.2016 431 km (268 miles) Degreaser + Wolf`s WS

Wash 2. 04.03.2016 800 km (497 miles) VPNSF + Wolf`s WS

Wash 3. 10.03.2016 1022 km (635 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 4. 18.03.2016 1870 km (1162 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 5. 24.03.2016 2486 km (1545 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 6. 01.04.2016 3032 km (1884 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 7. 08.04.2016 3389 km (2106 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 8. 15.04.2016 4256 km (2644 miles) Degreaser + Britemax Clean Max

Wash 9. 29.04.2016 5431 km (3374 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 10. 12.05.2016 6434 km (3998 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 11. 23.05.2016 7253 km (4507 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 12. 27.05.2016 7758 km (4820 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

Wash 13. 03.06.2016 8194 km (5091 miles) B-H Auto-Foam + Wolfs WS

(B-H Auto-Foam= Bilt-Hamber Auto-Foam, Wolfs WS=Wolf`s Chemicals White Satin shampoo)


I noticed after couple washes that Wolfs Mystery Juice had pretty poor hydrofobic and dirt repelling properties. So, i desided to re-apply it after wash number 7. Before re-applying, i washed car, polished panels 6 (left rear wing) and 12 (roof) with bigfoot mini/rupes yellow pad/Scholl S30. After polishing wiped with B-H Cleanser-Fluid.

Now after 13 washes, Wolfs Mystery Juice is again failing. Maybe it`s degreaser i`ve used (PH12, but i have used it only at 4% dilution ratio) or maybe it`s failing because it didn`t get time to bond 48 hours? Who knows..?

Wolfs nano polish/nano glaze/Mystery Juice has worked better, but now it`s also at poor condition as is Finis-Wax too.

Well, i will update this topic (i`m bit busy atm, but when i have some time) with pics (dirt repellency=big differences) and maybe some video clips.

Sorry my bad english..
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Warning contains metal
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Sm81 is going to be all over this! Fair play on the record keeping, very thorough.
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sm81 (08-06-2016)
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Very nice test. Subscribed to this thread.
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Fantastic. I'm really looking forward to your findings.

Btw, your English is excellent.



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sm81 (08-06-2016)
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Going to be an interesting read
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Kyle 86
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Subscribed 👌

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Subscribed! I know all about the salt! Greetings from Sweden
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Holy***** (smoke) lol.
That "thing" was in a terrible condition and started ro become a car afterall nice one.

Btw lookinf forward for this test i hope the car gets driven quite alot aa a daily so we can compare real life results thanks for your efforts its tremendous !

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Old 09-06-2016, 07:32 AM   #9
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I don`t now why, but Bilt Hamber and Wolf`s White satin don`t fit together. Satin attack or let some residue. Always smearing! Maybe too acid, but off course it can`t last so long, like coatings, but must good competitor to sonax.
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Sub'd this is a great idea. What had not happened to that car before. Great turn around.

Can't wait for more updates.

Ps your English is fine

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911jonny (18-06-2016)

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