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Pre-wash stages, Washing, Drying, Clay & 'Quick Detailing' Sponsored by Ultimate Finish. Suppliers of high quality detailing products including Swissvax, Gtechniq, Specialised Covers, Dodo Juice, R222, Bilt-Hamber, Meguiars, 3M, Aqua Gleam and more. Loyalty Scheme for returning customers.

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Drying problems

Hi all,

I managed to clean the interior, wheels, then snow foamed, rinsed and dried today, but came into some issues when drying, which I've also experienced before.

The car is currently unprotected, swirled and needs a good decon.

I didn't have time to wash it (and I want to decon before I contact wash it, ideally). So I just snow foamed, rinsed and dried.

I am using a CleanYourCar Huge 'Fluffy' drying towel and Bouncers Done and Dusted QD. I spritzed this on each area where I was going to pat dry with the towel. Once I finished pat drying one section, I lifted the towel and could see cloudy water marks. I also had this issue the last time I tried it. I ended up doing a mix of pat and wipe drying the rest of the car. I didn't want to wipe dry it as it still has lots of dirt obviously from not washing it, but the marks were annoying me and it's already swirled so I thought it. I also had marks left from wipe drying it. I've tried to take photos of these (it's difficult to see) and uploaded them to imgur here.

In the end I grabbed one of those Korean microfibre cloths from in2detailing and managed to wipe off some of the marks. I found that I had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get rid of them. Should I have applied more pressure when pat drying with the CYC towel? I'm not sure I could have done this (especially on the roof) as the panels would flex. Does pat drying only work on protected waxed or sealed cars?

Advice is greatly appreciated!
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I personally wouldn't use a drying aid for pat drying. The idea is that it's lubrication between the paint and towel (stops the drag etc). Spritz the towel and/or panel and gently wipe dry. You may need to buff any remaining residue with another cloth too.

You shouldn't really be doing any kind of decontamination until you have given your car a good, thorough wash.

The marks are most likely from where the road film that remains after foaming has been pushed around and not from the product smearing. Not a great idea with any car and especially not yours as the clear coat on that Honda will be softer than a cheesecake.

You probably shouldn't be drying a foamed car either. Don't dry without doing a contact wash first. You can always use the spotless rinse mode on the lance at a petrol station instead of drying your car.

Any unprotected car is very hard to dry and any kind of drying will work much better when the LSP is still repelling water strongly.

My advice:
Give your car a proper contact wash and use your excellent Bouncer's QD to add some protection. When you have time to do so, wash, decontaminate, polish and wax.
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