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Garage/Product Collections Post your Garage or Product Collection pics here....

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Old 24-02-2007, 02:52 PM   #1
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Post your whole collection

Well leading on from I thought we could have one thread with everyones whole collection, if you get more then edit your original post so its not all dotted about lol ??

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Old 04-03-2007, 11:43 PM   #2
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Ok then Ill start lol

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Old 05-03-2007, 09:20 PM   #3
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very comprehensive
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Old 05-03-2007, 09:22 PM   #4
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If you are not a 'Pro then you have issues!!!

Amazing collection.

I thought mine was quite big in Four large storage boxes!!


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Old 07-03-2007, 09:45 AM   #5
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JJ whats that turtle wax interior 1 like?
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Old 07-03-2007, 11:11 AM   #6
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like the majority of their products its pretty rubbish lol. They only have three decent products out that ive tried, the leather cleaner and conditioner, the other is the 5ltr car wash soap and I think the platinum range gets not a bad write up.
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Old 08-03-2007, 09:27 PM   #7
Dave KG
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Here's my collection, there are also a few other products bought very recently that I dont have pics of, but the majority of it is here - combining a few previous threads listing my products:


Makita 9227CB Rotary - probably my best purchase of the year this, an excellent rotary and a tool that has relagated my PC to glazing and waxing!

Porter Cable 7424 - used mainly for glazes and waxes now, but still capable of defect correction should the need arise.

CM8828 PTG - absolutely invaluable now the rotary is here, to keep me on the safe side of paint thickness!

Brinkmann - swirl spotting delight! Ideal for evaluating the finish as I work.

Meguiars Pads

With the rotary now here, I have found the Meguiars pads to be amongst the best I've used on the rotary, excellent control and very effective, so I got a few: 7 cutting, 10 polishing and 9 finishing.

Other Machine Pads

A few other pads as well, mainly used on the PC including Sonus DAS set, Sonus SFX 6 and 4" pads, LakeCountry cutting, light cutting, polishing and finishing pads... Also, a Menzerna 5" cutting and finishing pad which I have recetly trialled on both PC and rotary and found them to be very effective.


4 Meguiars Lambswool Mitts, really like these find them to fit nicely, and are a very safe mitt for washing I find. Also a Halfords Sheepskin Mitt which I found surprisingly good, and a Megs Microfibre mitt for wheels... Drying towels: Meguiars Water Magnets, the brilliant Pakshak Waffleweave and Sonus Der Wunder drying towels.


Safe towels for buffing off product residue, essential armour for the detailer! Have here 20 Costco MFs (excellent value and passed CD test no bother), 12 Megs Supreme Shines, 5 Cobras, 2 Pakshak UltraPlush, 2 Megs Ultimate Wipes.

Meguiars Products

Often overlooked in favour of more fashionable brands, but Meguiars makes up a large part of my detailing collection on the grounds that the products work very effectively and are excellent value for money:

We have:

#84 (1 gal): highly effective swirl remover by rotary
#83 (1 gal + 32oz): love this product on the rotary, effective on all paint types
#80 (2x 32oz): finsihing polish or light swilrs remover, lovely glossy finish
#3 (4x 16oz): one of the best finishing polished for machine I have used
#7 (16oz + 64oz): best pure glaze I have used so far, supberb on dark colours
#26 (16oz): compliments #7 nicely, espeically on dark solid colours and lasts well too
Shampoo Plus: loving this shampoo just now, really well lubed safe wash
#62: excellent shampoo, but preferring the SP owing to the cost
Hyper Wash: unbeaten on value for money, and a great shampoo to boot

and more besides!!

Menzerna Products

For paint defect correction, Menzerna is the range I find the best out them all, just in my own personal preference. From Power Gloss's ability to remove severe paint defects to the ultimate finishing polish that is PO85RD, the range is hard to beat IMVHO. Got a bottle or two of everything so am prepared for all eventualities using Menzerna products.


Again, despite some very decent products, Autoglym is very often overlooked... SRP is my favourite from AG, closely follwed by Bumper Care - both products I find very effective at doing whats required of them. Got a few other AG products I like in there too.


Best known for Souveran wax, but Pinnacle makes other excellent products too... Crystal Mist and the XMT Finishing Glaze spring immediately to mind. And, of course, the Signature wax also.

Chemical Guys

Slowly building a collection of Chemical Guys products here, and each one I find to be pretty impressive... Yet to try the 50/50 wax (will do soon) but the rest have impressed me. The Diamond cut range is very good, on intial testing it proves very effective (particularly by rotary I find) at dealing with severe paint defects but also finishes down very nicely too - write-up of my thoughts on the Diamond Cut range to come along soon.


Saw these on offer from Rich at Polished Bliss, and couldn't resist! Only done some inital playing around on scrap with them so far, and am very impressed with the products and the finish achieved particualrly from the Polish. Write-up of these to come in the not too distant future, plus I plan to use them on a BMW due to be detailed next week.

The Rest

Various other products from manufacturers where i have just bought the odd product or two (or where I have just kept the odd product or two...).

A nice big box was delivered to me today containing nice new products for my detailing in the coming year, most of these Swissvax products which I am really looking forward to using on future details.

First of all, I must repeat my huge thanks to Dave (jac-in-a-box) for introducing me to the Swissvax range a month or so back, and giving me samples to try out... thanks to this and being delighted with the results of the products, I decided to invest in some for myself:

Best of Show Entry Collection

A nice collection of products to get me started here. The all important Cleaner Fluid for before the wax. Pneu for tyres and other exterior rubber and plastics. Car Bath shampoo. Wax and Cleaner Fluid Applicator pads. Two terry cloths that feel nice and soft (though the only thing I've used terry cloths in the past for is removing #7 residue as I find them better than microfibres for this). And a very soft and fine feeling polishing cloth... And of course, the Best of Show wax and my first immediate impression of this is just how damn good it smells!!! Pineapple!

Swissvax Onyx Wax

The entry level Swissvax wax, I wanted this also to try out and aim to use this on hopefully a good few details throughout the year. Smells of watermellon, very nice - but not as nice smelling as Best of Show!

Swissvax Wheel Kit

Will be looking to try this kit out on my own wheels in the spring when I take my wheels off for major cleaning. Contains Wheel cleaner that smells of peppermint (concentrate that dilutes 4:1 in the mixing bottle), gloves, two brushes and a polishing cloth.

Swissvax Autobahn Wheel Wax

A very cute dinky jar of this, and another product I am itching to get applied to my own car to test out. Smells of chocolate.

And also, a few other products as well:

Victoria Concours Wax

I'd never heard of Victoria wax until about a month ago... But I'm always keen to try out new products (well, new to me! ) so I will be giving this a run out in the near future.

Carlack68 Scratch Remover & Polishig Paste

Looking to try these out by hand on my test panel soon to see how they do at removing swilrs by hand.


Hardly new to me, I've been using Menzerna for some time now and as I can always rely on them to deliver me the results I'm looking for, be that on the rotary or PC, I've topped up my supply with 1 litre of each: S34A Power Gloss, PO85RD3.01 Intensive Polish, PO106FF Final Finish and PO85RD Final Finish.

And, err... the waxes I have:

Swissol Mystery
Swissol Best of Show
Swissol Onyx
Swissol Saphir
Swissol Concorso
Pinnacle Signature
Pinnacle Signature 2
Pinnacle Souveran
Pinnacle Liquid Souveran
Victoria Concours
Victoria Collectors
Meguiars #16
Meguiars #26
Clearkote Carnuaba Moose
Collinite 476S
Chemical Guys XXX
Chemical Guys 50/50
Chemical Guys DW Wet Wet Wet
P21S Carnuaba
Poorboys Nattys
Simoniz Original (dont laugh, this is a decent wax for the money - good durability!)

By contrast, I only have about four or five sealents.... But then, I'm a big wax fan as far as LSPs go, and while I will use sealents, I personally prefer my waxes.


There we go.
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Thanks dave, i was hoping you would chime in as I was interested in what you had. Looking forward to some testing of the CG stuff as I had my eye on it last year it was just a bugger to get, now its much easier!
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Phil H
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thats a alot of stuff Dave!!
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Not really my full collecting as I have boxes of stuff, but gives you an idea.

Some of the stuff that was used during a wash:

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