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Machine Polishing Need help with Machine polishing

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Old 21-02-2017, 08:02 PM   #1
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First machine polisher

So, I want to buy my first dual action. I'm on slims, no I have no idea on the das 6's. What makes one different from another? Slims own is quite reasonable, but what do I gain by any other, kestral, auto finesse, chemical guys etc? Or by the pro models? Quite a minefield!

I've been a weekend detailer on my BMW Z4, and done everything by hand to what I class as a good level. But in bright sunlight there are a few light swirls and a few slight scratches I want to remove/fill, and to most wouldn't notice it I know they're there so I want to clear them up.

Das6 machine seems to be a good place to start going by my research, but I'm getting to the point that I'm boggling my own brain with it all!

Next up would be the pads them selves also which?!

He car doesn't need a massive correction at all, just the odd bit here and there that I know that's there.

I'm a big fan of Autobrite products, and generally use they're cherry glaze but I do have a bottle of brilliance which I haven't used but I'm aware it has filling properties which will solve my problems but which pads do I use?
I don't want to spend a massive amount as it is my first machine, but the slims own model seems good value,but unsure the difference between that and the comparable das6 models on the slims website.

Help please ladies and gents!
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Picture of my Z4 if this helps
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Old 22-02-2017, 05:16 PM   #3
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I use a Kestrel DAS6 DA polisher and it works great for me with Hexlogic pads or CSP detailing system supplied pads. I have just corrected my XF using a Rupes DA. I felt the Rupes and my Kestrel were pretty similar in terms of weight and ease of use but the Rupes was a bit more comfortable. I used CSP No1 cut back on a polishing pad to remove swirls and CSP No2 fine polish on a black waffle pad for polishing it up to get the shine. You can use something like Megs 205 or Zaino Fusion Swirl remover on a polishing pad to start with. Its good to start off with a finer polish and softer pad instead of going straight in with the heavy stuff. I would go for Hexlogic pads;
Orange for heavier polishing/swirls
White for light polishing/buffing
Black for buffing up a shine

for me, thats a good start but everyone has their own way and something pads work better for others people. I would also inspect pad heat as you dont generate the heat on to a car in the same way a rotary does, (DAs generate more heat in the backing plate) so when you start feeling that where you've polished is a little more tricky to buff off with a cloth, check your pad heat, it may be a little warm. Make a cuppa let it cool down and then continue and it will be fine again.
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Old 24-02-2017, 07:07 AM   #4
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I am a great believer in buying the best quality tool you can afford. A straight das6 will do what you want but without a doubt you will,have a better experience if you use a Rupes or another top quality tool. Do you need a Rupes? Probably not, then again if it's inside your budget, it's quality tool and very nice to use.
Looking at pictures of paint does not always give a clear picture but yours looks ok, the yellow Rupes pad and product would probably finish that down nicely.
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Old 24-02-2017, 07:36 AM   #5
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Slims machine only comes with a 6" pad. Personally I only ever use my 5" backing plate out of the 2 as the ebay Hex Logic style pads fit better
I also have a 3" plate & spot pads

I have the Das 6 Pro from CYC £100 on their group buy comes with 5" & 6" backing plates, a more powerful motor and a longer cable

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Frog (24-02-2017)
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Hi Martyn,

If you let us know wheresabouts you are there's a chance one of us lovely DW folk might be nearby and may be able to let you have a go with their machine to at least give you a bit of an idea.

Just a thought.

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