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Orbital Oracle
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DI vessel review

After reading about these for most of autumn, and after spending last summer rushing to dry the car, I finally bite the bullet and bought a DI vessel

Did lots of reading and looking on eBay etc and decided to get one that I know will work, and after emailing raceglaze decided to buy a 7lt one at £100

Must admit it seemed a lot for something that I can do for free with a few drying towels but everyone who uses them says it’s the best thing they’ve bought

It came overnight which considering it was 20 Dec is impressive.

Not really much to them really, an cylinder with in and out on the inlets

Had a couple of adapters laying about and a quick hook up and it was ready. Had bought a water meter off eBay for about 50p and measure 2 cups of water.

One before our the tap - East Yorkshire water

I think that’s bad

And then out the vessel

Looked a bit milky but rekon 000 is good

Washed the car as normal and then rinsed off with power washer first. Unsure if this is best practice? Please advise :-)

Anyway, jetted off and then used the hozelock sprayer on ‘hose’ mode to rinse the car. Went on the basis of if I can see the water running over and down the car then it’s getting rid of the 285ppm water

Rinsed with the sprayer:

By far the hardest thing to do was park it up and leave it. I’m such a stress head that I get frustrated when painted walls dry in patches and end up goin over and over then again as I think it mite dry different

So I left it and went inside. And kept coming out every 5 mins to see if it’s ok!

As it was cold it didn’t dry quick but you could see where it dried no water spots!

Was really impressed! Guna be ace in summer :-)

Have to sort out a dual tap adapter and a hose reel for the garage but looking forward to doin it

Highly recommend the vessel from raceglaze. May be cheaper but don’t wana buy cheap and pay twice

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Orbital Oracle
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Recently bought the same vessel and size, I am yet to try it but I am sure that it will be worth its weight in gold, especially come summer. Don't think that the supply I'm on in North Yorkshire is too hard and so the resin should last a good while. On this size vessel I found that there wasn't much in it price wise from other suppliers. The best bit is the GF paid half as it'll be used on her car too, I sold the idea to her after she noticed water spots on it one day.

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They are really good in summer,especially with the hot weather on a dark car,Ive got a black RangeRover sport & it’s the best investment I’ve made when it come to Washing car.You said you rinsed off with pw before doing it with water through Di vessel,,no need really just rinse soapy water with Di vessel.

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kingswood (11-01-2018)
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Been considering one fir a while. Nice review.

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