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Luke M
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Detailingworld™ Review Primal Detail Purge, Pride & Revive

Detailingworld™ Review Primal Detail

Introduction: Starting into the detailing market in 2014, Primal Detail started as a floorcare company and spread their knowledge across to car care as this was a real personal passion for them.
The range is relatively complete and currently stands at 18 items.

The Product:

The three items arrived well packaged. The labelling is definitely not going to be mistaken for anyone else as it is adorned by a rather mean looking tattooed gorilla. Each item has the product name incorporated into the tattoo design.
Each had a pleasant smell, subtle and not overpowering. The wax is listed as coconut although I get more of a white chocolate scent. The prewax is a strawberry smoothie scent and the qd mango.

The Method:

I had purchased these three with the intent of using them all together to give an overall finish as the manufacturer intended.
I started by applying two small blobs of the Revive to the applicator and setting to it.

The prewax has an oily texture and spreads for an eternity. After a short cure time removal was a simple wipe with a short pile towel.
This left a crisp clean finish ready for waxing.

The wax comes in a 100ml tin. I have always been a fan of wide necked jars or tins as it makes life so much easier when loading waxes.

With this wax I found it to be quite firm and almost a little rubbery in texture. I could get the wax to oil up with the warmth of a finger tip but when drawing an applicator across it felt a little different to what i'm used to.

This didn't however affect the application of the wax. It applied smooth and spread well. It was approximately 6oC on the day, I gave the wax 12 minutes cure time and buffed with a short pile towel.

At no point would I describe the wax as grabby, but it did want to hold a longer piled towel more that a short one.

It was at this point I tested the beading.

This wax produced large heavy beads. Quite satisfyingly so. It sheeted well also and overall left the paintwork feeling slick. The finish at this point was a sharp reflective one. No darkening added to the paint just a nice crisp finish.

Finally after it had rained for the 92nd time that day I used the quick detailer to wipe down before finished shots. The qd had a milk like viscosity and was more along the lines of a wipe around, buff off quick detailer. It made light work of cleaning up the finish and did not affect beading in any way.


The wax is priced at £29.95 for 100ml
The prewax is available in a 250ml option for £9.95 or 500ml for £12.95
The quick detailer is £5.95 for 250ml and £8.95 for 500ml

All are available here:

Would I use it again?:

I would like to yes. I feel the finish I achieved would be very well suited to a flat colour and as such I intend to try them on a flat white, black or red and report back.


My first go of the Primal Detail range has me curious to try more from them. Overall nice to use products that do a solid job. Nicely branded and presented too.

Video Review

"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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